30 June 2009

Videos Featured on the Sidebar

From Denny: Found this soothing Reiki healing music video, placed it on the sidebar for easy access regularly and thought you might enjoy listening to it while you read the posts. Of course - sigh - I had to go thru the usual hoop-jumping to change the blog's template so most of the video displays properly - so if anyone was confused, disoriented or a bit frustrated this morning please accept my apologies! After all, this is supposed to be a place to come to stress down, right? :)

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29 June 2009

Video: Excerpted from The Secret about Energy and Thought

From Denny: This is a good video explaining energy from the point of view of the physicist in a simple way. "The most potent form of energy is thought. It penetrates all space and all time." - John Assaraf

For the past twenty years or so the positive thought trend has opened the door to more advanced use of our thoughts to improve our lives. The reason the movie The Secret is so popular is that people are ready to begin studying the next level of spiritual development: discipling your thoughts to create a life of wholeness rather than distortion. Even the Kabbalah talks about this concept that takes a lifetime to master. Guess we had better get started as this might take a while! :) Enjoy the journey.

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What Do You Do to Reach Enlightenment and Then Afterward?

Alonzo E. Lyon in about 1905 at age 25. He did not become my grandfather until age 80.

From Denny: I've always liked this quote. What's interesting is that my Christian Grand Dad from Kentucky, who had never heard of Zen, taught me the same concept through his wisdom AND his attitude AND his actions - something completely lost on his own son and other grandchildren, even arrogantly dismissed and ignored.

I was the only kid who liked to literally sit at his feet and listen to his tales of his youth, his farming and other business adventures and finally the wisdom of what he had learned in this life. He was one of those rare individuals who read the Bible literally every day as he found great Joy in doing so - yet he never was a finger-in-your-face kind of man. Grand Dad really understood the true messages from Jesus, unlike so many of his time period.

Fred M.Supreme Court Chief Justice Frederick Vinson Image via Wikipedia

As I was doing some family genealogy I found out many things about my grandfather he never publicized. During his time he felt God blessed him with wealth and, therefore, it was his job to be responsible with that wealth and do a lot in the community. He didn't do that on a flashy basis with his name on a million buildings and show off at public events. He did it one person at a time - just like Jesus.

Basically, he functioned in the office of Apostle as he helped so many people from so many walks of life when they experienced hard times. Then those people went out and passed it forward to help others too.

He was a childhood best friend of a Supreme Court Chief Justice (Vinson) who was deciding about civil rights and segregation. That Justice used to come home to Kentucky and go fishing with Grand Dad (Alonzo Lyon). I know my grandfather; he would not let any moment pass to press for the civil rights of African-Americans. He was horrified and disgusted at the treatment of returning WWII black veterans.

Grand Dad also pressed for women's rights as he considered women " the best of mankind." What a unique attitude for his time! He was the parent - and the inspiration - my father never chose to be. Grand Dad often called him down on his bad attitude, especially toward women, "there was no call for that, not even with children."

Women loved his company. Children flocked to him as I often strolled with him around the neighborhood every summer to share him with the other kids who had grandparents who were indifferent to children. Every summer he was like the local celebrity!

Well into his late 80's he made friends with the local five-year-olds. When questioned about that practice he would reply, "I've outlived my wife, my friends and most of my family including my twin. Besides, you make friends with every generation." With a huge knowing smile and a wink in his eye, "It won't be that long before this little boy will be a young man and we can go fishing together!"


"Before enlightenment - chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment - chop wood, carry water." ~ Zen Buddhist Proverb

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28 June 2009

Video: Intro to Tong Ren Healing

From Denny: A while back someone at Twitter asked me if I knew about Tong Ren healing. Well, something seemed familiar about the name but couldn't place it as it has been quite a while since I'd heard the term. So, I looked into it this weekend and checked out YouTube for what they had on it and found this lovely testimonial from an elderly lady who used to have a lot of issues.

As she talked I realized I did know about this energy healing! It's that collective awareness we all have even though when I lived in Taiwan I had heard about it. Even the local Christian missionaries were a bit intrigued by it, though few would dare to say so out loud. :)

Take a look at this 1st video and I'll post some more. I usually like to listen to them all the way through to make sure they are authentic, not just a promo to sell you something or a bit ozone flakey in their assumptions. It has to be the real deal for me to post something - and responsible!

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27 June 2009

George Carlin: Outrageous comedian

George Carlin: Outrageous comedian

"'Life's journey is not to
arrive at the grave safely
in a well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways,
totally worn out, shouting
'...holy sh*t ....what a ride!'"

By alekhouse @ HubPages

From Denny: Here's an interesting article from a new writer over at HubPages you will enjoy!

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26 June 2009

New Software: Find Out Who Follows Your Tweets on Twitter

Image of Twitter from TwitterImage of Twitter

Photo by PinkMoose @ flickr

From Denny: If you are a blogger and are over at Twitter, try this new fun gadget to help you learn who is following your tweets. Connect with your Peeps! :)

Just plug in your user name @ Twitter:

Twitter Analyzer

Hello to my followers in the following countries and thank you for following, much appreciated!

Here are the countries in order of most followers first - what a surprise to find out Ecuador was right up there with the UK:

Great Britain


New Zealand

South Africa

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Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

From Denny: Here's an interesting post I ran across right here on Blogger about how negative it is to have in your diet this substance called high fructose corn syrup from the blog Change Your World. Generally, I've always avoided these foods listed because of what it contained. Maybe some of you don't have this information.

Good long list of typical on the shelf convenience foods that contain it. Also, lots of information about how high fructose corn syrup behaves in your body: turns to fat faster than any other sugar!

Here's an excerpt from the blog post:

"Food manufacturers embraced High Fructose Corn Syrup because it is cheaper than sucrose (table sugar) and mixes well with a variety of products, including beverages, baked goods, jams and jellies, candies, and dairy products.

Excess fructose intake has been associated with adverse health effects such as: metabolic syndrome, elevated triglyceride levels, hypertension, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, excess uric acid levels (associated with gout), and elevated levels of advanced glycation end products (linked with aging and complications of diabetes).

Excess fructose intake may contribute to hypertension. High blood pressure is a well-known comorbidity associated with obesity, hyperinsulinemia, and hyperlipidemia."

Then the post goes on warn why you should avoid this product. Look at it this way: if you are dieting and want to lose weight faster just chase this product out of your diet and watch the pounds start falling off! The America diet is saturated with manipulated foods that harm rather than help our bodies.

For the rest of this excellent post from this blogger, go here.

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25 June 2009

New Regular Feature: Thought for the Day!

From Denny: Just added a regular feature here on The Healing Waters, thanks to Nina over at Nina P's Thoughts and Musings blog! I've been looking for a good daily inspirational thought widget for some time now and this one is of superior quality in what they offer. If you are a blogger you can get the code for this feature and place it on your blog or site.

The Thought for the Day! is located just after the posting area, so just scroll down and you will see it, enjoy! Thanks, Nina!

Photo by Krikit @ flickr

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Happy Birthday to One Talented Trumpeter!

Jeanne "Gabriel" Pocius, left, with Haiti's Minister of Culture, Director of Music Programs, Florence Elie in June 2009

From Denny: Happy Birthday to a dear friend in Boston, Massachusetts by the name of Jeanne Pocius! She’s a classical musician, teaches and tutors trumpet to adults and children alike. Like a lot of public school music teachers she recently experienced the budget slashing of her music program - and their teachers. Goodbye job. To her credit and good character, she still went out there and performed for several charity benefits that raised money for her local school system because she believes that much in a quality public school education.

It's a shame to put our best teachers out on the street. Through music kids develop a personal discipline that will stay with them for a lifetime. A love of music will also help with the adult years ahead when they are feeling stressed during tough times.

The musician’s life can be a tough one and hers is no exception. They go from gig to gig to pay the bills, never able to put down roots any where. Again, to her credit - since she adores teaching children - she connected up with some missionaries in Haiti who were participating in the country’s culture program of teaching music to their children. Jeanne now goes to Haiti several times a year to teach: for free.

Haiti is one of the poorest nations on the planet and yet they have a Minister of Culture who has created a free program to teach music to children. “Do ya think?” that maybe America could take a page out of their playbook?

A few years ago my very talented friend wrote a wonderful book called “Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance" [UNABRIDGED] (Paperback or Kindle edition) that is most useful for both beginning children and adults, full of lots of photos to help demonstrate technique.

I’m featuring this book in The Social Poets Amazon book store under Books on Music (just look above the posts area for the store banner in orange) as it is informative and practical teaching for both the amateur and professional alike. You may have a budding musician in the house or a relative who plays on the weekends and feels stuck on a plateau of playing ability and wants to advance, then this book is a great gift, easy to read.

Cover of "Trumpeting by Nature: An Effici...Cover via Amazon

Reviews at Amazon

"Everything You Wanted To Know About How The Heck To Get a Note Out

P. Olguin (Whittier, CA) All I can say is WOW. This is a complete reference, with illustrations and thorough explanations of how to achieve the optimum set-up for yourself. As a working professional musician, I am always looking for tips on how to make my playing more efficient, more musical, more powerful. It doesn't matter what level you're on, you will learn a great deal here. The best part is, although this book is quite thorough, it is not some dogmatic, rigid, my-way-or-the-highway approach to playing. Jeanne's approach is a flexible (like one's playing should be) cafeteria-style menu of information, technique, philosophy and encouragement. This is destined to be a classic, and rightfully so.

Calling all trumpeters

Martin J. Rooney (Boston MA) This is a great book for any level trumpet player. This book will absolutely help any trumpet player improve their playing. Clear, concise, and best of all, IT WORKS! Text is excellent and the photos, which are top quality, illustrate her points very well.

I truly have seen everything :-}

Wilmer Wise (Brooklyn, NY) My copy of Jeanne G. Pocius "Trumpeting by Nature" came today. WOW! In clear English Jeanne has addressed every question a trumpet player may have. The fonts are great for the older comeback player. It's a sight for sore eyes.

I Wish I Had This 25 Years Ago!

Ralph Longo (Beverly, MA) For those of us who learned to play the trumpet incorrectly or inefficiently, this book is a revelation... What is in this book will help you learn to play at your highest level for a lifetime."

Jeanne is one of those child prodigies that can play over 10 instruments, though concentrates on the trumpet. Nothing is more fun than getting a phone call on your birthday and on the other end is this trumpet playing Happy Birthday like it’s a live concert! Now that’s unique! She is always serenading those close to her, blessing us with the sweet melody of her music. She is a fun and friendly person which is why children respond so well to her; she makes music fun!

Jeanne is available to play weddings for those of you in the Boston area. When other musicians run late (read that as they don’t show up on time when the wedding has started) she pitch-hits the other instruments to make sure the wedding is perfect; talk about a work ethic!

Jeanne also tutors both children and adults. She has tutored people from all over the world who visit regularly to brush up on their technique (and moral support). She can be contacted through Skype: (617) 326-7824 SKYPE ID: jeanne.gabriel.pocius. And Jeanne’s Email: jgpocius@yahoo.com.

Spread the word, folks, and let’s support the arts by supporting talented musicians and teachers!

Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

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Video: Small Study Claims Breakthrough in Cancer

From Denny: This is such welcome news for those afflicted with cancer and a sudden surprise to researchers too!

From NBC News: "In a study released Wednesday, The New England Journal of Medicine is calling a new drug "an entirely new way forward in cancer treatment," citing stunning results against breast and ovarian cancer associated with a particular gene mutation, and with none of the side effects of traditional chemotherapy."

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24 June 2009

Totally Ridiculous Comedy: Jacks Nightclub

Totally Ridiculous Comedy: Jacks Nightclub

By Denny Lyon @ HubPages

From Denny: "I like nonsense - it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope... and that enables you to laugh at all of life's realities." - Dr. Seuss

Wrote this recently as a raucous fast-paced ridiculous short story. It's really a bit long to post here and when that happens I park those writes over at HubPages. Take a look and you will be amused! Thanks for visiting!

Here's an excerpt from my world of the ridiculous:

"Jack jumped over the electric blue fox - who was hunting down the orange cat - who was preying upon the stupid cockroach that was having an identity crisis - and believed he was a popular dragonfly down at the local Irish pub - because he sang Irish songs everyone loved and wrote some damn good poetry.

The orange cat circled back to chase the identity crisis cockroach - who just knew he was really Irish in a former life - while the blue fox preened and bathed in the fast-paced lights of the nightclub – this fox enthusiastically embraced blue as the new fashion neutral - it was Jack who was looking for the weird alien orange cat that kept eluding him - who was stalking the brave Irish-singing cockroach determined to make it to Broadway.

The powerful-singing cockroach drowned out the elegant Irish pub-singing dragonfly - and soon the people customers complained about the strange odd noises blaring from the rising platform – it was two ants standing on a leaf singing opera - and more ants joined them from the audience singing 49 Bottles of Guinness Beer on the Wall and Get Down Tonight! – and soon the nightclub was jumping and bumping - and the people were dancing and squishing and splatting the friendly ants - who got the place hopping on a Saturday night in the first place."

For the rest of the story just click on the title link!

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23 June 2009

Video: Cancer Experts Answer Viewers Questions

From Denny: Though this is a short video it can be helpful to some basic questions for those just learning about the disease. The questions come from NBC News viewer emails.

Confronting Cancer Today

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22 June 2009

Video: How to Fake a Good Nights Sleep

From Denny: These little tips come in handy when you don't get enough sleep and also when you have running hard but need to look great for an occasion. When traveling these are little refresher tips that help our skin look radiant. I like a good slow basic yoga stretches when I've been cooped up on a flight, especially trans-atlantic. Tinted moisturizer is a quick fix but nothing feels better than cucumbers or ice water to the skin when it's stressed!

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21 June 2009

Chocolate - Better than sex

Chocolate - Better than sex

An excerpt:

"It's a fact that women have long craved chocolate. They have made many analogies between sex and chocolate. Doctors have actually found a link between women and chocolate.

There are researchers who claim that women who eat candy chocolate actually have a better sex life than women who do not.

The research shows that chocolate eating females have higher levels of desire, higher levels of arousal and obtain more satisfaction from their sex lives. Thus, chocolate or chocolate bars have a positive physiological effect on women."

For the rest of the short article just click on the title link!

By trimar7 @ HubPages

From Denny: My kind of article, enjoy! :)

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20 June 2009

Past 200th Post!

Photo by tanakawho @ flickr

From Denny: I'm well past the 200th post here at this blog. OK, so I'm not exactly the anniversary wonder girl. It's actually 227 posts now - close enough! :)

Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for subscribing to the feed and following on Blogger and other sites. You are much appreciated! Blogging is so much more fun when you have company and such good company you all are, thanks! Thank you for your support and hope you are enjoying your time here learning right along with me.

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19 June 2009

Awwww Sniffle Sniffle Sigh Awesome Photos

From Denny: This is one of those endearing profound emails you receive every now and then. Thought I'd share with you these awesome pictures. Thanks, Colleen in New Jersey! Try making your own version of this idea of matching photos with meaningful words that strike a chord in your heart! Feel free to share this post with others to enjoy.


The Real Meaning of Words















"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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18 June 2009

Added Twitter Counter to ALL Blogs

From Denny: Just added the Twitter Counter to all the blogs! Come by and drop off a link to YOUR NAME on Twitter! Great way for you to boost your followers and just plain fun. Get a little link love! :)

Have also started a reciprocal Link Love on The Social Poets and will be extending it to the other blogs too. Just email me, Denny Lyon, warriorspearl@gmail.com so I know which blog is the best fit for your site's link - unless you have a preference. Keep a link on your site or blog with a link to one of my blogs and I'll keep a link for you too.

If we don't promote each other in cyberspace, who will? :)

Here's the link to the Twitter Counter page to make your own:

Here are quick links to the various blogs:

The Social Poets

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The Soul Calendar Fav Links

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Ouch Outrageous Obnoxious And Odd

Thanks for visiting!

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New Additions to Photo Blog Roll!

From Denny: "Can I tell ya?" Spent hours and hours this past weekend pouring over some awesome photo blogs, amateur and professional alike, sifting through them to place the BEST on my blog roll for you! There are about 70 choices now - around there, I lost count... :)

If you enjoy looking at photos and want to see what is going on in the photo blogosphere then this is a good place to start. My blog roll list is located at my photo blog, Visual Insights.

Talk about a wonderful way to while away a few hours with beautiful and thought-provoking photos! Take a look and enjoy! Go here.

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17 June 2009

Positive Affirmations: 4 Ways To Programming Through Water

From Denny: Another positive affirmation follow up article from Evelyn Lim over at Attraction Mind Map where she discusses how to use the medium of water and thought merged to carry messages of positive affirmations.

On the surface it sounds odd. But the more you think about it, with our bodies being 70% water, maybe there is more to this. The concept of magic like in the Harry Potter series basically comes from how we choose to use - and extend - our mental, emotional, spiritual will and intent. Every day researchers in neuroscience are discovering new ways to best use and tap into the power of our minds. This is just another example of how to employ our conscious mind to get in union with our eternal mind to bring about awesome and positive changes in our lives.

Here's an excerpt from her fascinating article:

"In the Advanced Silva Class last weekend, we learned about how to program ourselves for positive changes with water. Having just written an article on 7 jazzy ideas to making affirmations fun, I thought it will be nice to add to this list with the Glass of Water technique.

The use of water for healing is nothing new. For instance, in churches, for centuries, blessings of water have often done for the purpose of baptism or for the blessing of persons, places or things. In the Advanced Silva class, we were taught that programming through water could be used for just about anything that you wish for. As such, I am going to propose, with the writing of my article today, the use of water to carry messages of affirmations on success, health, relationships, love, happiness and abundance, to every single cell of our body."

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16 June 2009

7 Jazzy Ideas To Making Affirmations FUN

Sheet music cover: The 'Jelly Roll' Blues, by ...Image via Wikipedia

*** Be sure to check out the latest 3 posts as they are all new! Spent the weekend working on changing the blog templates on all 12 blogs and am just now getting caught up with my daily posts. Apologies to those of you looking for a new post this weekend!

From Denny: A follow up by Evelyn Lim over at Attraction Mind Map on the subject of positive affirmations. She is right; the mind is easily bored and sometimes you have to jog the interest level with odd or silly ideas to get it engaged again. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Here's an excerpt from her article:

"Affirmations are positive statements of a desired outcome or goal. Affirmations are reprogramming tools for your mind. They can help you develop positive thinking, get rid of unhelpful beliefs, reduce stress, build your self esteem and attract the life you want.. As an example, the statement that “I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month” will be an appropriate affirmation to make, to override the limiting “I find it hard to make $10,000 a month”.

To anchor an affirmation firmly in your subconscious, you need to keep repeating it so that it becomes the “truth” for you. The more frequent you make the statement, the more it should take root.

Having said that, I’ve often found that making the same affirmation several times a day and day-after-day a Bore. Just imagine repeating these statements like a mantra:

“I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month.”
“I weigh a healthy X pounds.”
“I attract girls/men very easily.”

I’m not sure whether you would agree with me….that while these affirmations may just do the job, they do not sound exciting in the least!

So I’m thinking: how about using some creativity to jazz up the practice of using Affirmations?


Here is a list of 7 ideas from my toolkit for making affirmations a FUN exercise!"

Just click on the title link for the rest of her article and practical advice that is easy to implement!

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