17 June 2009

Positive Affirmations: 4 Ways To Programming Through Water

From Denny: Another positive affirmation follow up article from Evelyn Lim over at Attraction Mind Map where she discusses how to use the medium of water and thought merged to carry messages of positive affirmations.

On the surface it sounds odd. But the more you think about it, with our bodies being 70% water, maybe there is more to this. The concept of magic like in the Harry Potter series basically comes from how we choose to use - and extend - our mental, emotional, spiritual will and intent. Every day researchers in neuroscience are discovering new ways to best use and tap into the power of our minds. This is just another example of how to employ our conscious mind to get in union with our eternal mind to bring about awesome and positive changes in our lives.

Here's an excerpt from her fascinating article:

"In the Advanced Silva Class last weekend, we learned about how to program ourselves for positive changes with water. Having just written an article on 7 jazzy ideas to making affirmations fun, I thought it will be nice to add to this list with the Glass of Water technique.

The use of water for healing is nothing new. For instance, in churches, for centuries, blessings of water have often done for the purpose of baptism or for the blessing of persons, places or things. In the Advanced Silva class, we were taught that programming through water could be used for just about anything that you wish for. As such, I am going to propose, with the writing of my article today, the use of water to carry messages of affirmations on success, health, relationships, love, happiness and abundance, to every single cell of our body."

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