07 June 2009

OVERCOMING LUPUS and other diseases doctors call INCURABLE

132/365 Lupus AwarenessLupus Awareness Image by ~*Leah*~ via Flickr

OVERCOMING LUPUS and other diseases doctors call INCURABLE:

"21 years ago when the doctors diagnosed me with Lupus, a disease considered “incurable”, it felt like a verdict committing me to that heightened degree of danger – disallowing relaxation at all. My already adrenaline filled, stressful state went into overdrive, as if thrown into a crisis as real as Exupery battling the elements in a cyclone.

His words describing the catastrophe, beginning with his overwhelming feeling of powerlessness, paralleled my own in overcoming that “incurable” disease. I hope by sharing these life lessons back to safety and health, you too will be able to finally relax - knowing your challenge is indeed curable. Not by the doctors - but by you."

By SEM Pro @ HubPages, a friend from Canada

From Denny: This is quite a stirring personal account of the long and difficult road to healing when no hope was offered by doctors. Lots of great advice and useful information too. Just click on the title link to take you to the article.

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