Blog Roll List at The Healing Waters

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Blog Roll List

Poems From A Spiritual Heart - poetry only blog

A Journey into Herbal & Natural Healing

Spiritual Information, Meditation, Meditation Techniques

A Majority of Two

A-Ha! - and A-Ha! Inspiration and Gratitude Blog

Talmud Illuminated

awake is good

Be Inspired Today

Peripheral Vision - abstract art

Chair Tai Chi - easy exercises from your chair!

Food Trainers

Constantly Evolving

Create What Matters Most - geared to poets, writers and artists

Daisy Soap Girl

Empowering Minds

everyday ♥ possibilities

Finding My Way Home

Five Minds - chats about acupuncture treatments

Grace in Gravity - personal empowerment

Gratitude Practices

Happy Lotus - wonderful general spirituality topics

Healing Spirit Art

Healthy Solutions

Inner Sanctuary

Holy Sparks Quotes Blog - inspiration from the Jewish perspective

How to Live a More Fulfilling Life

How to materialize your dreams

I Choose Bliss

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

Inspirational Quotes from an Artist

Just My Thoughts

kind over matter


Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat - help for learning how to speak up

Life's Journey

Live Passionately

Living in the Light I find

Yendi Sutan Rajo Endah - Indonesian blog

Love Quote of the Day

Motivational Quotes Blog - life, hope, sports

Nina P's Thoughts and Musings

Para Nós Dois Mensagens

Quantum Learning

Short Zen Poems & Koans


The Daily Grind

Dragos Roua - The choice of a personal path

The Reiki Digest

Sharing Love and Light

Soul Collection

The Eternal Journey

thru my lens lightly

Vegan Information

Pet Food Recipes - a lot healthier than what you find in the store!

What The World Needs Now...

Whole Living Today

Womens Self Esteem Blog

Words from the Heart

zena musings

Painfully Optimistic - what it's like living with daily pain from complex regional pain syndrome

Worth Your Visit!

Blog of Reiki Healer Tatjana

Catskill Cottage Seed

Conscious Citizenship

Internet Sacred Texts Archive - religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric

Klahanie - using positive thoughts to battle mental illness

Marianne Williamson's Journal

Meditation Mantras online

Outrageous Wisdom of Nasruddin - from Turkey

The Don't Quit Poem - video

Urban Monk - practical spiritual advice - gives extensive overview of alternative healing list and sells products

When Least Expected - Inspiration to brighten feelings of despair

Wild Mind - teach yourself meditation

Women Wisdom Walking - support for trauma survivors

Health News Blogs and Sites

PhysOrg - science and health

Booster Shots - Oddities, musings and news from the Los Angeles Times health world

World of Psychology

Mark's Daily Apple

Diets in Review Blog

Covering Health - Keeping journalists informed – and connected.

Today's Health News @ Armenian Medical Network

Oscocio - Social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe

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