16 June 2009

7 Jazzy Ideas To Making Affirmations FUN

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From Denny: A follow up by Evelyn Lim over at Attraction Mind Map on the subject of positive affirmations. She is right; the mind is easily bored and sometimes you have to jog the interest level with odd or silly ideas to get it engaged again. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Here's an excerpt from her article:

"Affirmations are positive statements of a desired outcome or goal. Affirmations are reprogramming tools for your mind. They can help you develop positive thinking, get rid of unhelpful beliefs, reduce stress, build your self esteem and attract the life you want.. As an example, the statement that “I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month” will be an appropriate affirmation to make, to override the limiting “I find it hard to make $10,000 a month”.

To anchor an affirmation firmly in your subconscious, you need to keep repeating it so that it becomes the “truth” for you. The more frequent you make the statement, the more it should take root.

Having said that, I’ve often found that making the same affirmation several times a day and day-after-day a Bore. Just imagine repeating these statements like a mantra:

“I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month.”
“I weigh a healthy X pounds.”
“I attract girls/men very easily.”

I’m not sure whether you would agree with me….that while these affirmations may just do the job, they do not sound exciting in the least!

So I’m thinking: how about using some creativity to jazz up the practice of using Affirmations?


Here is a list of 7 ideas from my toolkit for making affirmations a FUN exercise!"

Just click on the title link for the rest of her article and practical advice that is easy to implement!

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