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Health News Links - These are especially useful for immediate and more detailed news during a time of health crisis like the swine flu epidemic.

ABC News Health

BBC News Health

CBS Health Watch: new drugs

CBS News Health & Videos

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - Swine Flu Updates & Preparedness

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)- Seasonal Flu Facts

CNN News Health

MSNBC News Health & Videos

Natural News

New York Times News Health

PBS NewsHour Health Beat

Reuters News Health

The Food Chain @ New York Times

USA Government Health News and Nutrition

World Health Organization (WHO)

Yahoo News Health

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Health Information Links - Useful for medical information about diseases, treatment and drug information.

Answers Patient Questions: Up to Date

Caregivers - Support and inspiration for caregivers, part of the Everyday Health Network

Dr. Mehmet Oz @ Oprah - patient advisors empowering each other

EBSCO Publishing's Influenza Portal - American government's updates and information

H1N1 Response Center (Swine Flu)

Health News Blog @ Wall St. Journal

Healthline - From A to Z, Connect to better health through a health search engine

Internet Mental Health - free encyclopedia of mental health information created by a Canadian psychiatrist

Medical News Today - swine flu news

Medline Plus - Flu Information

Modern Guide to Health

NetWellness - Cold and Flu

Patients Like Me - Learn from patients about illness experiences, 1st hand knowledge

Pharma Surveyor - Check and Resolve Drug Interactions and Combined Side Effect Risks

Preventing the Flu - Good to Share Interactive

Relief Insite - online pain management services

Rx List - Internet Drug Index

Stark County, Ohio Health Department

Trusera health blog - health network platform where you can find and share real-world experiences

University of Maryland Health Sciences & Human Services Library - swine flu resources

World Health Organization swine flu guide

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