09 June 2009

Is There a Link Between Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Illness?

Neuroimaging sheds light on the seat of sufferingNeuroimaging sheds light on the seat of suffering Image via Wikipedia

Is There a Link Between Nutritional Deficiencies and Mental Illness?

"To receive a diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, of a form of mental illness, often causes severe shock and can be extremely bewildering. Feelings range from complete denial that it could even be possible, to actual relief that after so long there is finally an explanation and a name for such suffering.

Regardless of where in this spectrum one seems to fit, the journey is never easy. Most patients feel they are at the mercy of their doctor, pleading for both relief and help. The diagnosis can seem so completely overwhelming, leaving one with a feeling of little or no ability to know where to begin, how to proceed, or what to do. “Doctor, what do we do now?” is perhaps one of the first questions asked. Usually the doctor prescribes one or more prescriptions. Transitions to acclimate the body to these substances often produce new forms of suffering and discomfort."

By Daniel Carter @ HubPages

From Denny: Now this impressive article is seriously in-depth with lots of videos and interesting ideas to consider in coordination with your doctor. Fascinating read!

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