28 June 2009

Video: Intro to Tong Ren Healing

From Denny: A while back someone at Twitter asked me if I knew about Tong Ren healing. Well, something seemed familiar about the name but couldn't place it as it has been quite a while since I'd heard the term. So, I looked into it this weekend and checked out YouTube for what they had on it and found this lovely testimonial from an elderly lady who used to have a lot of issues.

As she talked I realized I did know about this energy healing! It's that collective awareness we all have even though when I lived in Taiwan I had heard about it. Even the local Christian missionaries were a bit intrigued by it, though few would dare to say so out loud. :)

Take a look at this 1st video and I'll post some more. I usually like to listen to them all the way through to make sure they are authentic, not just a promo to sell you something or a bit ozone flakey in their assumptions. It has to be the real deal for me to post something - and responsible!

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