31 January 2009

15 Amazing Healing Properties of Honey

15 Amazing Healing Properties of Honey - Who knew honey had so many uses and was so easily beneficial to our health? You will enjoy this well-written article as it will inform you about alternatives available to improve your health! And to think it was just sitting on your pantry shelf...

By Karen Ellis
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30 January 2009

Wine, Tea, and Chocolate Improve Brain Performance

Wine, Tea, and Chocolate Improve Brain Performance - The beverages you drink can strongly influence your health. Read this short article and decide for yourself!

By BkCreative
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29 January 2009

How to Achieve Good Vitality & Stay Young, Active, Healthy! 7 Best Ways!

How to achieve good vitality & stay young, active, healthy! 7 best ways! - This is a very positive article about keeping a youthful attitude and experiencing life to the fullest! From my Croatian friend.

By Tatjana-Mihaela
Photo crystal at StumbleUpon

Isaiah 50:10, Painting With Light Art*

Painting With Light

This painting has been rendered with a unique Painting with Light technique that “paints” the picture using the selected Bible verse text as the paintbrush. You are seeing the verse above painted imperceptibly millions of times repeatedly across the canvas!

The final result is a picture that perhaps God first used to catch your eye, and then used to touch and encourage your heart.

28 January 2009

New alternative healing website: VitalityBliss.com

VitalityBliss.com: A new alternative healing website where they stress the importance of looking into healthier ways to heal through natural products.

This site is extensive in its overview of various disciplines and philosophies from chi, yoga, shiatsu and thai massage, colon cleansing, healthy diet fat loss, herbal remedies, hand reflexology, meditation, color therapy and much more.

The category descriptions are not in depth but will familiarize and inform you enough to make a decision to study further for more details. They sell the products they believe in and this site is very easy to navigate too! They also have an updated health news blog with RSS feeds from several sources so it's a good idea to check back with them for updated news and maybe new product offerings.

Here's an excerpt from their introduction:

"Natural Healing? You may ask yourself why? Well, we are here to explain why you should look into it. Natural healing is about products that are natural and not artificial. Products that do more good for your body instead of bad. When you take part in products from mother nature, the benefits are endless.....

..... We need to take control of our lives through natural healing so that we can lead a life full of balance and vitality and gain all the benefits through proper exercise and a healthy diet."

Take a look and see what you think!

Photo by left-hand @ flickr

27 January 2009

New Additions to My Blogs List You Will Enjoy

I'm sure some of you have wondered why there have been no links to other blogs... for the past three months I've been busy finding great articles and sources to populate this blog with more than just the articles I write for you.

Now I've turned my attention to a thoughtful list of other wonderful blogs and websites for your consideration to aid you in your quest for balance in your life and just plain enjoyable reading!

To date there are links to a fun and chatty blog about acupuncture treatments and what to expect as a patient (Five Minds), another blog that gives quotations from a different perspective utilizing a lot of quotes from the sports world as well as life and hope quotes (Inspirational Quotes Blog).

There is a Jewish blog (Holy Sparks) of an assortment of quotes from a Jewish perspective regarding spirituality which is extensive and quite wonderful! There is another blog about personal empowerment from a woman who spent years learning how to speak up for herself and then assert herself in the work place in a positive yet effective manner (Lessons From a Recovering Doormat).

Also, there are inspirational lovely quotes from a painter artist (Inspirational Quotes). There is a very easy to do Tai Chi exercise blog with video for those who may be physically challenged or recovering from an illness or surgery and want to start exercising in a gentle manner (Chair Tai Chi).

And, lastly, in this current group today there is a site about the latest news worldwide in the area of Reiki healing which is so popular today (Reiki Digest).

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7 Fast And Easy Tips To Being Organized

7 Fast And Easy Tips To Being Organized
7 easy tips to help you get organized fast. The topics covered are the top 7 problems most people have trying to get organized.

By Elle Dixey

A place for everything and everything in its place. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Then why are so many of us disorganized? Where does all the clutter come from? And what do we do with it? In this article, we will give you 7 easy tips to getting yourself organized.

First, here’s a brief overview of how organization works. Everything in your home or office, even your car, should have a home. A place where any particular item can be kept. Now it makes sense that something you use each day and possibly several times a day should be easily accessible. For example, whether you have a home office or an office out of the home, or both, perhaps you might use paper clips every day. These should be right on your desk, within easy reach. Maybe you only use the stapler once or twice a week. This doesn’t have to be front and center, You don’t mind reaching into a drawer or a cabinet to get the stapler once or twice a week, do you? Now, here’s the beauty of being organized. You get to choose. Do you mind reaching into the drawer for the stapler. Then let’s put it right out there within your reach. Suppose it’s kept on the right hand side of your desk. That’s the place you have designated for your stapler. But, you pick it up, use it, and put it down absentmindedly on the left side of your desk.

Now multiply this behavior by 20 or 30 times a day. You pick something up from where it is always kept, and set it down somewhere else. If you do this with 20 or 30 items every day in your office, what do you have when it’s quitting time? That’s right. A disorganized mess on your desk, However, don’t despair, there’s just one rule you have to follow. All you have to do is make an effort to put things back where they belong. Put that stapler back on the right side of your desk! This rule applies to just about everything, whether you are at home, in your office or in your car. As we said before, it sounds easy, and it is; once you get used to doing it. Go ahead, try it and watch what happens. The 7 tips below will get you started.

1. Paper Clutter - This might be the number one organizational problem people complain about, so if it’s yours, you are definitely not alone. As you probably know, the mail can pile up very fast. Sort your mail as soon as you get it. Send the junk mail to a shredder, recycling or the trash basket, unopened, right away. Separate your bills and personal mail. If don’t you have a place for these categories, get two baskets, two folders or two of any type of storage container. Put bills in one and personal mail in the other, But you knew that already, didn’t you?

2. Plan Ahead - It’s very easy to feel disorganized when you are rushed. If you have a lot to do in the morning, try to get a jump on things the night before, even if it just making a list of what you have to do, in the order they need to get done. Decide what you are going to wear the next day and set it out, so there’s one less thing to think about the next morning.

If you drink coffee, get that ready the night before. Don’t worry if you don’t have a coffee pot with a timer. Just measure the coffee into the filter, fill the reservoir with water and you’ll be all set. Coffee doesn’t take that long to brew. When you get up the next day, pop into the kitchen and push the brew button on the coffee maker. It will be done before you know it.

3. Keep All The Same Things Together - How many times have you gone through the house looking for stamps, an envelope and a pen, just to send something off in the mail? When we say keep all the same things together, this is a good example. You know you will need at least these three items if you want to mail something. So why not keep them all together?

Get a nice basket or any other container you like and store anything that has to do with sending mail in it. This could include different size envelopes, paper, note cards or whatever. Do you print out emails, then lose them? Make a folder for all emails you have printed.

In your kitchen, keep all your measuring supplies together in a drawer or a cabinet. Measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, large spoons and your mixer. Paying bills? You already know where your stamps, pen and envelopes are. Make a bill-paying folder just for bills to pay. You will be surprised how many things you can group together once you start thinking about it.

4. Save Time By Multi-tasking - Do you have to go to the Dentist’s office? Take a book you’ve been wanting to read and haven’t had time to do. Walking your dog? Make an effort to take him or her out more often and go for a brisk walk each time. Jog or run if you can. You will be getting some exercise and so will your dog. What’s more fun, walking or running with your dog or mindlessly pacing on a treadmill?

Paying bills but want to watch your favorite TV show? Gather up all your bill paying needs and settle down in your living room; watch TV and pay your bills at the same time. Trying to learn a new language? Get the lessons on CD and play them when you are driving.

5. Plan Your Meals For the Week - You can’t imagine how beneficial this is. Knowing exactly what you are going to make for dinner each night will definitely ease stress. Make a list of each meal and post it on your fridge. It will also save you money when you go to the market. With your list of meals in front of you, it is a lot easier to only buy what you need.

6. Put Things Away - It only takes a minute or two to put things away. But how many of us come in the house and toss our jackets on the back of a chair, rather than hanging it up in the closet or even on a coat hook? Enlist the other members of your family to put their things away when they are finished using them.

If all else fails, make a set time for everyone to go through the house once a day, pick up their things and put them away. Allot 10 or 15 minutes for this activity. Once this activity interrupts other things your family would rather be doing, you may find they are a lot better at putting things where they belong right away.

7. Add Space To Your Home - Add some shelves to a closet that is a catch-all. You will be able to store a lot more in there with shelves and everything will be easier to find.

Buy modular cubes that can be stacked on top of, and next to each other. Many of these can be purchased with storage baskets that fit right into the openings, giving even more versatility. Do you have an half-empty bureau or chest of drawers? Store little used items in those drawers.

Now that you know how easy it really is to get yourself organized, come on over to our site http://www.thebeautifulhome.net to get our Free Report - 50 Ways To Get Organized and more organizational and time-saving tips and also decorating ideas. When you get there click on "Organization" See You There!

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26 January 2009

Water Retention (Edema): Successful Natural Cure & Prevention

WATER RETENTION - EDEMA - successful natural cure & prevention - This article will blow you away with the science and the cures for water retention and swelling! Explains a lot about why our country has such issues with weight. Beautiful photos and great advice from my Croatian friend - you will enjoy her nonjudgmental and upbeat attitude! You will be bookmarking this article and returning to read again and again.

By Tatjana-Mihaela

A Treasure Hidden in Her Eyes

A Treasure Hidden in Her Eyes - Encased in an article is a poem of beauty from a young mother observing the healthy growth of her daughter poet dancing in her creativity!

By KellysWriting
Photo from StumbleUpon

25 January 2009

The influence of Food on YIN and YANG

The influence of Food on YIN and YANG: Here's an easy to understand and nonjudgmental article discussing which foods to consider in balancing your diet between bland and spicy. It also gives a brief description of common foods and which category of yin or yang they belong. You will enjoy this author!

"It is believed in Chinese medicine,in order to achieve health and bodily harmony, you must balance your intake of cool, bland foods full of yin energy with hot, spicy foods full of yang energy. The concept of yin and yang are fundamental to Chinese thinking."

By laringo
Pastel Drawing by Denny Lyon

24 January 2009

Attracting Love

attractinglove - From a new writer over at HubPages comes this short smart article; read on as she talks about the Law of Attraction.

"Love has been a complicated and complex topic since the dawn of man. It has been on trial and was found guilty of even the most sinful of sins. To gain it and then to keep it, is a question asked by many who has tampered with its very existence."

By Ighan
Photo by nattu @ flickr

23 January 2009

Making Great Stretching Routines A Part Of Your Day

Making Great Stretching Routines A Part Of Your Day

More people are ailing from a lack of flexibility and core muscle strength. As an example, lower back pain affects millions of people in the United States, and we spend millions of dollars trying to fix or mask the symptoms of lower back pain.

By Nancy Rishworth

Copyright (c) 2009 Nancy Rishworth

Flexibility exercises are an essential part of a good fitness routine. When you use a great stretching routine, you greatly improve flexibility. You’ll find it benefits many areas of your life, including less stress, more energy and improved performance.

More people are ailing from a lack of flexibility and core muscle strength. As an example, lower back pain affects millions of people in the United States, and we spend millions of dollars trying to fix or mask the symptoms of lower back pain. Great stretching routines will strengthen those lower back muscles, prevent pain, and improve flexibility.

Stretching exercises in general fall into three types of exercises: static, dynamic, and ballistic stretches.

- Static stretches - These stretches hold a stretch for a given amount of time - say from 30 to 60 seconds. While you are stretching your muscles, you focus on your breathing and attempting to relax the muscles.

- Dynamic stretches - This stretching procedure involves movement throughout the stretch. For instance, dynamic stretching routines include a series of leg lifts or arm circles. One of the essential steps to remember when using a dynamic stretching routine is that the movement is carefully controlled. Uncontrolled movement could result in an injury.

- Ballistic stretches - This type of stretch involves moving your muscles in a vertical movement and using inertial pressure to enhance the stretches. When not done correctly, ballistic stretches can cause muscle tension or pain instead of relaxation.

Adding great stretching routines to your daily activities does not have to be time consuming. You can simply devote 10 minutes to stretching out your muscles. When you integrate great stretching routines into your life, you’ll immediately notice the results. Not only will you improve flexibility, but you will also reduce stress.

Stretching procedures are great for releasing stress that is typically held within your muscles. Have an aching back or neck? A few stretches help release that muscle tension and get the blood flowing to those tense muscles - you immediately feel better.

In addition to releasing that stress, a great stretching routine will also improve your flexibility. That makes you less prone to injuries. When your muscles are stretched, the muscles are better able to absorb shock - therefore, less likely to become injured by unexpected movement.

Stretching also improves muscle strength. As your muscles become stronger, you can carry out your daily activities or sports with greater ease.

Great stretching routines can help you feel better, improve flexibility, and make daily activities more fun and effortless. Take the time to add some stretching activities to your routine and feel the benefits.

Nancy Rishworth, grew up dancing and became a qualified Aerobics and Fitness & Personal Trainer. She is also a qualified Naturopath having studied various healing modalities through healthy eating, herbal remedies, vitamins, massage & exercise. Her Flexibilty Plus Workout Program improves flexibility, strength and overall health. For nutritional info and other core strength and cardio exercise tips and guidelines go to www.FlexibilityPlus.com

By Nancy Rishworth
Photo by Southbank Steve @ flickr

21 January 2009

Poetry: Healing Through Poetry and Other Thoughts...

Poetry: Healing through poetry and other thoughts... - Found another new talented poet on HubPages that you will enjoy - especially if you like to read about how dreams can help us heal ourselves!

By whytshawll
Photo by Krikit @ flickr

20 January 2009

Obama is now the 44th President!

Just finished watching Obama's speech and other news coverage - what an historic time, what emotion for millions around the world. There must be millions of people crowded together on the Washington Mall. It reminds me of when the Pope in Rome, Italy celebrates Mass in St. Peter's Square and a million strong gather.

Interesting is that the ceremony ran a little long and by so doing Obama became the 44th President exactly at noon BEFORE he took the oath of office four minutes later. How many of you knew that bit of trivia?

Congrats Mr. President! May you be successful in all endeavors.


A new day is here!
Photo by stephentrepreneur @ flickr

Prayer for Obama

Prayer for Obama - Here is a wonderful heartfelt prayer all the way from Indonesia for Obama as he steps into the White House as the first African-American President!

A new day is dawning!
Photo by muha... @ flickr

19 January 2009

Poem: For John Travolta and Family

Poem for John Travolta and Family - From a man who knows deep inner pain comes a poem to offer solace and hope for the celebrity Travolta family on the loss of their son Jett.

Photo by muha... @ flickr

18 January 2009

Four Levels of Love

Four Levels of Love - this is a really interesting article from HubPages explaining a common human dilemma about finding love.

Photo by jillallyn @ flickr

16 January 2009

Tips for Saving on Groceries and Food Leftovers Ideas

Photo by muha... @ flickr in the Maldives islands

Tips for Saving on Groceries and Food Leftovers Ideas - Wouldn't you rather be on holiday on some remote gorgeous island like this during a downturn economy? We all would.

Second choice? How to make the most of what we do have. There is a fabulous video in this article of a woman from Washington state. She saves 80% of her food budget. Now that will take some stress out of your life for sure!

13 January 2009

Good ways to get out of bad choices.

Good ways to get out of bad choices. - My Croatian writer friend has done it again. She has the best attitude ever and knows how to land on her feet in life no matter what gets thrown her way. Take a look at her short article. You will come away feeling better about yourself, your life choices and the entire world!

"Whenever I start to think that I might have done mistake, or bad choice, I remember the perfection and endlessness of the whole universe.

Everything is in balance, everything is in perfect order, everything is exactly where is supposed to be. The same is with the nature: whole life is so perfect and intelligent, that there can be no mistake in it.

We are just part of this global perfection: how could it be possible, looking from that perspective, that we make any mistake, or any bad choice?"

Photo by linda yvonne @ flickr

11 January 2009

Recipe: Dennys Valentines Day Chocolate Crepes with Sweet Ricotta Cheese

Dennys Valentines Day Chocolate Crepes with Sweet Ricotta Cheese - Here’s a romantic idea for Valentine’s Day to serve your sweetheart. Maybe you will just make these easy decadent yet light calorie crepes all for yourself! These crepes are made with healthy whole wheat flour. You can use regular flour if you like as is done traditionally.

The beauty of this dessert is that it is also a protein sweet so it doesn't play roller coaster with your blood sugar like most sweets.

Video also included to show you just how easy it is to make your own crepes. Also, Valentine Days cocktail made from Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Expresso.

Low calorie crepes.

Note: For many more recipes visit my other fun blogs - Romancing The Chocolate and
Comfort Food From Louisiana

09 January 2009

The Pet Chronicles: Curty & His Couch

The Pet Chronicles: Curty and His Couch - This little story is simple in form and the telling but long on the message: Pets know when we are stressed and take measures to balance us. That, and you know you are really in trouble when your pet cat lays dibs on owning the couch. So, what's his password? Read on.

Photo of Curty's glamorous Hollywood closeup
by Denny Lyon

07 January 2009

Recipe: Smoky Chicken Chili

During the winter months many of us like to turn to serving up bowls of hot chili. Sometimes the beef version is far too spicy and heavy and we want a change of pace.

How about using that rotisserie chicken from the grocery store or a smoked chicken from your favorite deli to make that lighter version of your favorite chili?

Instead of the usual heavier red kidney beans why not try a change of pace with earthy black beans and nutty white beans to compliment a lighter meat like chicken?

Remember: to cut the spicy heat stir in some sour cream as dairy products are stellar at standing in for the local fire department, instantly dousing that fiery heat!

Smoky Chicken Chili

Makes 9 cups

Preparation time: 15 minutes to assemble plus 1 hour 15 minutes cooking time

From: Southern Living magazine


2 poblano chile peppers, chopped

1 large red bell pepper, chopped

1 medium-sized onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 Tablespoons olive oil

2 (14 ½ oz.) cans zesty chili-style diced tomatoes
(Del Monte brand)

1 (16 oz.) can navy beans (in Louisiana use Camellia brand
cream-style white beans)

1 (15 oz.) can black beans, rinsed and drained

1 (12 oz.) can beer OR 1 ½ cups low-sodium chicken broth

1 (1.25 oz.) envelope white chicken chili seasoning mix
(McCormick brand)

Toppings: shredded cheddar cheese, chopped fresh cilantro, sour cream, lime wedges, baby corn, sliced black olives, chopped red onion, tortilla chips

Directions: Sauté first 4 ingredients in hot oil in a large Dutch oven over medium-high heat 8 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Stir in diced tomatoes and next 5 ingredients. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to low, and simmer, stirring occasionally, 1 hour. Serve with desired toppings.

Note: For other recipes visit my other fun blogs –
Romancing The Chocolate & Comfort Food From Louisiana


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