31 March 2009

Video: The Good-O-Meter

Clever video that talks about spirituality (Christian) from a perspective people often don't realize. Also, funny! From a friend on StumbleUpon.

30 March 2009

Chronic Pain Home Treatment Suggestions

From Denny: Simply written articles about chronic pain overview and home treatment pain management suggestions. (A whole separate section devoted to pain management for cancer patients.) Taking B and D vitamins, eating a balanced diet, taking your medications and stretching exercises several times a day are the top admonitions. Lifestyle changes are also recommended.

Do get into a routine of when you go to bed and when you rise as you will feel far less tired. Try not to nap during the evening. Stay away from caffeine foods and drinks after 3 PM. Try to schedule your most active time of the day when you have the most energy for feeling your best.

Whether it’s a health condition like shingles or a mental health condition like anxiety or depression, it’s important to get treatment early. The longer you wait to treat the issue the more difficult it can be to treat chronic pain.

Of course, the most obvious suggestion is to reduce your daily stress. Stress relief goes a long way to boosting your immune system to give it the strength it requires to battle disease and chronic pain.

Do try to join a support group for mutual understanding and comfort. For a group near you: American Chronic Pain Association, 1–800-533-3231. Also, online: www.theacpa.org.

Learning new breathing exercises, meditations and trigger point massage is all very useful.

For a lot more detailed suggestions at Yahoo Health, click here.

Photo by h.koppdelaney @ flickr

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29 March 2009

I Love You!

Sunday is a great time to thank God for inventing chocolate and wonderful readers like YOU!

Also, let me take this time to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who subscribes via feeds and email. THANK YOU for reading this developing health blog!

Health is such a large field and requires a lot of reading to separate fact from the bad information or scam artists trying to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

Thanks for visiting, keep coming back and thanks for your emails!

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28 March 2009

Wonderful Stress Relief Exercises

QigongImage by нσвσ via Flickr

From Denny: From Prevention Magazine comes Prevention TV and videos on QiGong.

Learn right away from Prevention fitness director Michele Stanten! Here are easy QiGong exercises to boost your energy and help manage stress.

There are those occasional ads to view. However, these videos are a much better production and sound quality than you find at YouTube – and free! Just click on the title link.

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27 March 2009

Cool Pets Award: Willie the Parrot Saves Child!

From Denny: Time to create a new category called the Cool Pets Award. Found this while searching for something else. You can always run across cool articles while researching so I thought I'd share!

Parrot warns owner girl choking on food

DENVER (AP) - A parrot whose cries of alarm alerted his owner when a little girl choked on her breakfast has been honored as a hero.

Willie, a Quaker parrot, has been given the local Red Cross chapter's Animal Lifesaver Award.

In November, Willie's owner, Megan Howard, was baby-sitting for a toddler. Howard left the room and the little girl, Hannah, started to choke on her breakfast. Willie repeatedly yelled "Mama, baby" and flapped his wings, and Howard returned in time to find the girl already turning blue. Howard saved Hannah by performing the Heimlich maneuver but said Willie "is the real hero."

"The part where she turned blue is always when my heart drops no matter how many times I've heard it," Hannah's mother, Samantha Kuusk, told KCNC-TV. "My heart drops in my stomach and I get all teary eyed."

Willie got his award during a "Breakfast of Champions" event Friday attended by Gov. Bill Ritter and Mayor John Hickenlooper.

Story from the AP as carried on the SunJournal.com
Photo by CBS4Denver

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26 March 2009

Elderly: Cane-Fu Fighting

From Denny: Now this is an interesting development for the elderly. They are learning how to use a walking cane, especially designed to be effective against attackers, as a new style of self-defense martial arts.

Here are a few excerpts from the article:

"At the helm of the class is one of the country's most recognized cane fighters, Mark Shuey, a slight man who, at 62, has hair and skin starting to show signs of age. He has traveled from Lake Tahoe, Nev., to teach this group of 16 how to protect themselves from attackers.

"He calls it Cane-Fu.

"Cane fighting classes have popped up all over the country, in part due to the influence of Cane Masters, the company Shuey founded that sells wood canes made of harder, thicker wood, to sustain wear and wider crooks to fit around an attacker's neck. Now, it's being offered at dojos and increasingly in senior centers and retirement communities.

"'You don't have to be powerful, you don't have to be fast,' said Gary Hernandez, who runs the dojo here northeast of Tampa where the session was held and where he teaches cane fighting classes himself. 'It's a piece of hard wood. It hurts...'

"Fitness alone won't ward off those who might hurt them, though, and Shuey talks briefly of recent attacks on elders. His hazel eyes look severe as he points to the cane and delivers his message.

"'When you put this little crook around someone's neck, their whole attitude changes real fast,' he said...

"It takes years to master cane fighting like Hernandez or Shuey, but they say they can teach a senior several crucial moves in an hour. Perhaps more importantly, though, it gives them confidence that can help them escape a dangerous situation...

"It isn't an entirely new use for the cane. In ancient Rome and Egypt, canes were used as weapons. In the 13th century, swinging a cane before a member of royalty would assure your beheading. In the 17th century, canes required a permit.

"'Things changed 200 or 300 years ago. You don't want to take a cane to a gunfight, so the cane became a crutch and it's been visualized as that for the last couple hundred years,' Shuey said. 'Today when you carry a cane, they think you're a gimp.'"

By Matt Sedensky @ AP
Photo by AP

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25 March 2009

Video: Silliest Cat Rap

This very silly funny cat video will make you smile. Over 2 million people have viewed it already! Someone had waaaay too much time on their hands one day... :)

Relaxation - Reiki - Mind Body and Soul 2

Here's another stress down video - wow! Work week? What work week?

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Food Court Musical

Have you seen the food court musical? Over 2 million people already have seen this little funny played on unsuspecting shoppers dining in the food court.

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24 March 2009

Aromatherapy (Essential Oils Therapy)

"Practitioners of aromatherapy believe that fragrances in the oils stimulate nerves in the nose. Those nerves send impulses to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. Depending on the type of oil, the result on the body may be calming or stimulating.

The oils are thought to interact with the body's hormones and enzymes to cause changes in blood pressure, pulse, and other body functions. Another theory suggests that the fragrance of certain oils may stimulate the body to produce pain-fighting substances.

What is aromatherapy used for?

Aromatherapy may promote relaxation and help relieve stress. It has also been used to help treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions, including burns, infections, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure. But so far there is limited scientific evidence to support claims that aromatherapy effectively prevents or cures illness."

By Caroline Rea

From Denny: Most of us have experienced aromatherapy even if unintentionally. Shampoos, soaps, bath oils, sunscreens, and makeup have fragrances contained in them to illicit a desired emotional response. How many times have you caught the scent of freshly squeezed lemon and you suddenly felt more mentally stimulated and emotionally upbeat?

I doubt there are few people on the planet that believe aromatherapy is meant as a treatment to cure a problem. What it can do is help support other stronger treatments. Aromatherapy is often used to support cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

As a support to ease stress and anxiety aromatherapy contributed to their recovery, many people often comment. It distracted them from focusing too much on their fear and helped ease that fear. Well, when you ease fear then the immune system is no longer so stressed and can go about its job to attack disease and banish it.

Aromatherapy may not be a cure in itself. It is, however, a valuable tool in support of treatments on the road to wellness.

A cautionary note: Do not suppose aromatherapy is totally benign in some cases. Those who have various lung conditions like asthma, respiratory allergies, skin allergies or are pregnant should reconsider useage unless cleared by a physician.

More specific precautions are listed in the article.

23 March 2009

Moderate drinking may help build bone density

Photo by Reuters

From Denny: This study really drew a fine line on either side of success about moderate drinking being good for your bone density. The basic conclusion that one drink a day of beer or wine, preferably beer, was good for actually building bone density compared to nondrinkers. Hard liquor is not. Beer is the best because it is an excellent source of silicon. Silicon is difficult to acquire in the modern diet.

What's interesting is that moderation really does help keep your balance in life. This study found that drinking beyond the limit of one a day of beer or wine actually weakened bones!

Many studies these days offer conflicting reports. We find that drinking can be good for the heart but actually increase breast cancer risk.

What was clear cut in this study? That moderate amounts of alcohol had a larger effect on building bone mineral density than any single ingredient like calcium. I guess alcohol is the new milk!

Men who drank more than two drinks a day or hard liquor actually suffered bone density loss compared to the moderate one drink a day drinkers of beer or wine.

What's also interesting from this study is that for women the results were different for those who drank more than two drinks a day: they did better than those who did not drink as much. The conclusion might be that the more a women drinks the better it is for her bones. The researchers take issue with this logic as they felt there really wasn't enough evidence to prove it because not enough women participated in this area of the study.

The researchers offered a reason that beer and wine have more beneficial effects than hard liquor. Beer and wine have resveratrol which is a plant substance thought to be beneficial. Hard liquor tends to have all the beneficial substances distilled out of it.

Why do the researchers think that alcohol helps build strong bones? They think it has to do with boosting estrogen levels. Those elevated estrogen levels also account for increased breast cancer risk even in female moderate drinkers.


In short, you decide. Moderate drinking of low alcohol drinks like beer and wine can help your bones and your heart. Just be aware of breast cancer risk if you are a woman who enjoys a martini every day. It might be a good idea to switch to a lower level of alcohol in order to keep your estrogen levels closer to normal.

You might want to put down that tequila shot and pick up a hearty Guinness Stout! Besides, Guinness has chocolate in it and so does Samuel Adams Stout and Abita Turbo Dog. Chocolate and beer: can life get any better?

For more details on the study click on the title link.

22 March 2009

Stress Relief: Relaxation - REIKI - Mind Body Soul

Just listen to this before and after work!

Green tea may help keep gums healthy

Photo by Han Jae-Ho @ Reuters

Green Tea Great for Your Gums

How do you keep gum disease at bay? Try drinking a cup of green tea a day! That's what a Japanese study found when men began drinking green tea regularly.

Of course, what also contributes to gums health is whole grains, vitamin C and fiber.

The happy ingredients in green tea that are so beneficial are known as antioxidant polyphenols because they inhibit germs that can cause bacterial infection that results in gum disease.

So, the moral of the story is: drink your green tea daily, eat an apple daily and get regular checkups with your dentist. At least this way the dentist can marvel at your healthy self and the bills will be a lot less expensive in the long run.

21 March 2009

Creative Inspiration for Writers and Artists

Photo by tanakawho @ flickr

Creative Inspiration for Writers and Artists - "Where do you find your energy? Is it from nature, work, friends, prayer, routine, discord, arguments, love, money? Where is your joy? If you feel stuck in a dead-end job or a dead-end relationship, look beyond.

Our lives are lived for tiny moments of recognition. We may recognize the story of our life from a photograph, a movie, a novel, a poem, a song, a symphony, a painting, or a child. Allow this recognition to connect you for a short time to your story on this blue and green rock.

We will not make an impression beyond our small window of existence. We will not change the relentless path of destruction and creation that is our nature. We will not see the far corners of our rock beyond our cubicle and kitchen. Our story will remain."

By Cailin Gallagher @ HubPages

From Denny: This article on finding inspiration for your creativity is a completely different take. This writer encourages you to dig deeper and "pull from within."

20 March 2009

Get Inspired: How and Where to Find Inspiration

Get Inspired: How and Where to Find Inspiration: "Inspiration helps us dream to reach our goals. Whether it be getting a new career, creating a piece of music or art, or learning to help others, inspiration helps us with our endeavors. Inspiration encourages us to act."

By Julie A. Johnson @ HubPages

From Denny: My cats like to help out on the research...

19 March 2009

Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

From Denny: Ever listened to these Tibetan singing bowls? Long, melodic sounds that soothe your nerves. Good for mediation too. Even monks can suffer from PTSD and they use these age-old techniques like the singing bowls to help regain their balance.

18 March 2009

Using Natural & Healing Ingredients for Greater Beauty

Using Natural & Healing Ingredients for Greater Beauty: "While many people invest hundreds of dollars in expensive beauty products, nature offers equally effective results for little or no money. Here are a few recipes that will help with winter's dry skin and hair to promote greater health and beauty..."

By Writer for Hire

From Denny: Who doesn't like a luxurious bath? Try her idea of a milk and honey bath with lavender and orange oils!

17 March 2009

Dangers of strict parenting

Photo by lepiaf.geo @ flickr

Dangers of strict parenting: "Parenting is probably one of the hardest tasks we encounter in life. There is no education or training to go through to learn how to raise a child.

There is more to raising children than discipline and rules. Don’t get me wrong children need rules, discipline and a structured environment but being overly strict could result in your child going out of control. Picking your battles is very important."

by stylista613

From Denny: From a parent who is talking about finding your balance and not draining your energy resources through tough waters during those teenaged years.

16 March 2009

How to Achieve Personal Growth and Balance

Photo by batega @ flickr

How to Achieve Personal Growth and Balance: "In another great book Covey and his co-authors Roger and Rebecca Merrill – First Things First – propose that what keeps us going, what makes us keep on trying to get better, is what they call 'the fire within.'

The fire within comes from the intersection of four aspects of our lives: the mental, the physical, the spiritual and the social. These four aspects need to be kept in balance and in relation to each other for the fire to burn strongly.

The authors sum up these aspects and their underlying human motivating needs as the need to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy."

By tonymac04

From Denny: From a gentle life coach comes some deep thinking and sound advice to address all our areas of our humanity in life's daily events.

15 March 2009

The Joy Makers: Feel the Love

Photo by -Gep- @ flickr

The Joy Makers: Feel the Love: "Improv group brings joy to surprised thousands
Stop here for free joy, hugs, love and a happiness high that will last for days!"

by Denny Lyon

From Denny: For just a little while, forget about job loss, the economy and all your worries. These funny videos done by some terrific improvisation folks is well worth the laughing time!

I pulled them all together into one article as your go-to place when you need cheering up from a lousy day or when your thoughts turn to depression. There is no way to stay depressed after watching these nine great YouTube videos.

Eating a Bit Less Salt Can Be a Big Health Boon

Salt is mostly sodium chloride (NaCl). This sa...Image via Wikipedia

Eating a Bit Less Salt Can Be a Big Health Boon

By Tiffany Sharples

"Over the years, Americans have become inured to salt. Most people have no idea how much salt they consume — on average, about 9 to 12 g (or 3,600 to 4,800 mg of sodium) per person per day, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). That's twice the amount recommended by the government.

Our Plates Runneth Over

In the past four decades, Americans' salt consumption has risen 50%, mostly as a result of eating more processed foods and more food prepared in restaurants. 'Over time, we have adapted our taste buds and adapted our bodies to crave much, much higher levels of salt than we require to function,' says Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco."

From Denny: This is a frightening thought that we have adapted ourselves to eat more salt than we need to function well. This article is featured in this week's edition of Time magazine.

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14 March 2009

10 Spiritual Tools for Coping with Chronic Pain

nursing care plan chronic painImage by TheSimple1 via Flickr

"Chronic pain can make us feel isolated and helpless, especially if its cause is an illness or physical condition for which there's no cure or effective medical treatment.

Photo of a nursing care plan for chronic pain.

At times of deepest despair, finding ways to nurture our spirits can help us not only cope with the pain, but also discover nuggets of grace, comfort, and productivity that can move us through and beyond the helplessness and hopelessness we feel.

Here are ten spiritual tools that can help you get started toward peace in spite of and in the midst of pain."

By Maureen Pratt

From Denny: For anyone who has suffered a car accident to a debilitating illness this article reminds us to focus again upon how the simple things can lift our spirits out of the pain. Take a look. She also has a website and has written several books about chronic pain for specific situations.

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13 March 2009

Friday the 13th Funny!

Photo by nao-cha @ flickr of dog Cocoa

From friends over at Twitter:

"Very funny page for Friday the 13th, both versions - peterdrew@keithbaxter It's Friday the 13th! Beware...
http://snipr.com/dp10t DUDE!! not nice scaring me like that :=)"

From Denny: Just click on the title as the address is linked. Enjoy!

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Newest Funny Fad

Offbeat News from EnvironmentalGraffiti.com:

Russian ice bungee jumping! What will they think of next? These folks have been cooped up inside the house too long this winter...:)

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15 reasons why YOU are AWESOME(!)

Comedian Jack Black

15 reasons why YOU are AWESOME(!):

"(In order to get the full effect of this hub, I must request that as you read it, you imagine that Jack Black is actually saying the words. Seriously. Do it.)

I know what you're thinking, and no, this isn't an answer to a hub request. (Although it could be, and maybe it will be later). No, this hub is written simply to tell you how freakin awesome you are! Yes, YOU! Stop looking behind you. You are more awesome than you like to believe, and I want to tell you why, so listen up."

By ParadigmShift

12 March 2009

Asthma in Cats - Natural Cures

Asthma in Cats - Natural Cures -

"Vets say coughing and wheezing are signs of asthma in cats. It is usually caused by dust or pollen in the air. Asthma happens when airways in the lungs become inflamed and constricted making it harder for air to get through. (Dogs are less commonly afffected.)

Writing in the book The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats by the editors of Prevention Magazine Health books say 'While most cats may require medication, there are things you can do at home to keep him breathing easy.'"

By readabook
Graphics from CatStuff

11 March 2009

Feedburner Glitch

Now I know why my feed counts have been going up and down wildly. Turns out Feedburner keeps deactivating them: on all 7 blogs! So, apologies, if you have found this maddening; join the club. Guess it's taking Google and Feedburner longer to merge and work out the gremlins than they are telling the public, oh, well... Meanwhile, rest assured I will be now manually monitoring these feeds twice a day to keep them activiated. Thank you for your patience everyone!

Don't you just love this photo of an ass? Such a good fit when things go wrong because that's how you feel and look to others! Might as well have some fun with screw-ups, right! ;)

Thanks go to the folks over at flickr who place their photos in the Creative Commons area for online writers and bloggers like me, much appreciated! They can be so funny.

Photo by gidibao @ flickr

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Health Tourism Guide

Health Tourism Guide: "For many Americans, saddled with no health insurance and faced with potentially devastating healthcare costs, health tourism is rapidly becoming a viable alternative. Many countries boast top-class medical infrastructures, and healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost of similar treatment in the US."

By Sufidreamer
Photo by sxc.hu

From Denny: This is an eye-opener for my fellow Americans! It's sad how our infrastructure on every level has been ignored for the past decade that now it is broken. These are going to be some very expensive repairs.

Meanwhile, there are people in deep need of affordable health care. It's looks like many Americans have the choice of doing without like we have in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina hit several years ago closing many hospitals that have never reopened. The other choice? Go out of the country for serious and too expensive operations. Neither choice is a good one.

Let's hope Obama can get the ball rolling on health care reform so that within a decade we see real improvement here in America!

Good Works Tour - SAME Cafe

Acts of Kindness - SAME Cafe in Colorado

These people were featured on NBC News. Great concept AND it works too!

To view the better produced and longer video from NBC News go here.

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10 March 2009

Love Is a Wonderful Thing

Love Is a Wonderful Thing: "There is nothing greater then Love. This world exists just because of Love. Love is life. Nothing can exists without love. But still love seems to be the greatest mystery of life."

By Happy World
Photo by HaPe Gera @ flickr

From Denny: What wonderful sentiments here!

Warm weather may trigger migraines

“Warmer weather and changes in atmospheric pressure may cause headaches and migraines, rather than pollution, researchers said Monday.

A U.S. research team showed that each temperature increase of 5 degrees Celsius — about 9 degrees Fahrenheit — appeared to increase the risk of severe headaches by nearly 8 percent compared to days when the weather was cooler.”

From Denny: I could have saved these guys a whole lot of money on their research and told them this was true! :) Been experiencing this for years. Of course, anecdotal is not evidence in the science community and it's a whole lot sexier to pay for the same results.

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09 March 2009

Proof depression hurts womens’ hearts

On NBC News with Brian Williams - “Severe depression may silently break a seemingly healthy woman's heart. Doctors have long known that depression is common after a heart attack or stroke, and worsens those people's outcomes. Researchers reported new evidence that depression can lead to heart disease in the first place.”

From Denny: All the more reason to find ways to keep a positive attitude. Do little things which bring us joy!

Photo by lepiaf.geo @ flickr

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Songs Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face

Songs Sure To Put A Smile On Your Face -
Do you ever have those days where you just need a song to pick you up? Sometime there's only one thing that has the ability to put a smile on your face and that thing is music. Here are some songs that are sure to do the trick, no matter what genre of music you're into... I've got some for everyone!

By dana825
Photo by snuzzy @ flickr

From Denny: A light-hearted hubpages article sure to put a smile on your face when you are feeling stressed - most of the article is made of various videos - of many music genres - to view!

08 March 2009

Familiarity Breeds Contempt - Or does it?

Familiarity Breeds Contempt - Or does it?: "When I wrote the Self-Improvement hub entitled, 'Change Your Beliefs,' about how your beliefs control your life, I gave an example of how your beliefs can change.

You see, how you live your life is based on your beliefs. You can change your beliefs, and by changing your beliefs you change your life. So, if you want a better life, ypu must develop better beliefs!

One of the problems, though, is recognizing a disempowering belief that needs changing."

By Frederick Pearce
Photo by grittycitygirl @ flickr

From Denny: Here's part two in the ongoing conversation of developing your self-esteem. It's an interesting angle to talk about how something can be so familiar that you don't realize it could be hindering you from achieving your goals.

07 March 2009

The Amazing Healing Power of Shea Butter

The Amazing Healing Power of Shea Butter

By BkCreative
Photo by Carnaval King 08 @ flickr

From Denny: I learned some more good things from this writer about the benefits of shea butter! Direct, to the point, very useful information for your everyday life - and it's cost effective for a wide variety of issues too!

06 March 2009

Thank you to new Feed subscribers!

A hearty hello and welcome to everyone new who is now taking The Healing Waters feed, thank you! Glad to have you in my little community of kindred souls!

Just installed is the Google Translate (at the top of the page) in case any of you require translation of the page into your own language - or you are just tired of reading in English and want to rest your brain. Let me know how it works out for you, especially if any translation causes confusion.

I'll be glad to rephrase it into something that translates better as I do have a bad habit of using American and regional American slang in my writing. So, just speak up if you can't wrap your head around it; I won't laugh at you - because I've traveled a bit in my life and have been on the other side of a bad translation so I know how it feels to be "like a lost (soccer) ball in high weeds."

Again, welcome!

Take care this weekend,


Photo by John-Morgan @ flickr - I really like to help promote my fellow photographers over at flickr, especially the ones who give their photos to the Creative Commons area for use to online writers like me: thank you!

Affording College

Affording College: "Affording college is always an issue, but more so now, when there is so much uncertainty about the economy.

You may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of not being able to afford your college tuition and fees. Don't give up! There are things you can do."

By Tom Rubenoff to parents
Photo by Brent and MariLynn @ flickr

From Denny: Some practical advice in tough economic times to help your child get that college education.

05 March 2009

Old Man Papadopoulos

Old Man Papadopoulos: "When I first saw Old Man Papadopoulos, sitting on his porch, perched high on a hillside home almost as ancient as he was, I knew I wouldn’t forget him.

The old man was the type of person that was the same every time you met him. You were in the presence of a simple greatness in a man who had endured a life of hardship, and still found joy in being alive, despite his great age and feebleness."

By Jerilee Wei

From Denny: You will really enjoy this unusual true love story from a wonderful fellow writer over at HubPages!

04 March 2009

Blogged a few funny photos over at my photo blog Visual Insights

Just blogged a few funny photos over at my photo blog: Visual Insights. Take a look for a grin!

Photo by Tina Keller @ flickr

Dragonfly Art

Dragonfly Art - "Dragonflies are one of the things I enjoy the most. Not only do I collect them, I also have a purple dragonfly tattoo on my left shoulder blade.

My Great-grandmother once told me if a dragonfly lands on you, it is good luck. Then again, her daughter, (my grandmother), always told us when we were little that dragonflies would sew your lips shut! I always knew better, but it was funny to hear her say that!"

By MamaDragonfly2677

From Denny: Musings on the dragonfly from a great admirer! Interesting facts, entertaining, pretty and amusing all rolled into one.

03 March 2009

Great Peace Quotes with Great Photos

Great Peace Quotes with Great Photos:

Quest for Peace

“Mankind must not only seek Peace. We must pursue it with all the deeply felt sincerity of our hearts. We must pursue Peace with the diligent work of our hands every day in every relationship we know. Peace comes a little at a time, rippling outward until one day it touches and convinces all.”

– Denny Lyon, 3 March 2009"


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