15 March 2012

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Fun St. Patricks Day Facts To Ponder While You Swill Green Beer

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St Patrick's Day Parade in Omotesando, Tokyo
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Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Fun St. Patricks Day Facts To Ponder While You Swill Green Beer: From Denny:  Mardi Gras just happened last month, and, well, Lent can be a dull affair while we are waiting for Easter.  So, why not spice it up with some St. Patrick's Day frivolity and celebration?

South Louisiana is primarily Catholic and we like our champion demon-chasing warrior saints. Honoring him is serious business.

Here in Louisiana we celebrate with none other than a St. Patrick's Day Parade, complete with official bead-throwing and green beer freely flowing.

Since all good holy days have a serious component along with the feasting here's some brain food to feed you too.  Be sure to check out my other St. Patrick's Day posts at the end of this post.  Lots of interesting historical trivia, quotes, poems, Irish blessings and funny thoughts too.
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09 March 2012

Pasta: Vegan Avocado Pesto Pasta

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From Denny:  Looking for great vegan recipes?  Even if you are not a vegetarian or a vegan, it's always a good idea to give your body a break from food that is hard to digest, like meat and dairy products.

It's a kind of fasting that does wonders for increasing your energy level and encourages better sleep.  One meal a week, or if you are feeling ambitious, one day a week is an easy way to try out a new way of looking at and cooking food.

06 March 2012

Why Losing Weight Is Difficult: Carb-Heavy Breakfast

obesity in U.S.

From Denny:  Currently, there is a 36 percent national obesity rate.  For decades now, food manufacturers have outrageously manipulated the food supply by adding so many preservatives and excess sugars into products it has caused a national health epidemic.

Consumers are overwhelmed trying to find healthy food that is safe to consume and feed our families.

Have you noticed the ingredient lists on packaged foods?  Try checking out the beloved cookies you buy and you will find at least three types of sugars added to the product when just regular sugar would have been enough.  Because of consumer demands in the past year, many manufacturers are reducing or eliminating the high amount or some of these sugars from their products.

It's those extra sugars that cause people to get addicted to the food and return time and again to purchase the product.  High fructose corn syrup and just regular corn syrup are the two worst culprits that literally turn into instant fat, raising the blood sugar levels fast and furious too, making people sicker.

02 March 2012

The Social Poets: GOP Slut and Pervert Rush Limbaugh Labels ALL Women Sluts

The Social Poets: GOP Slut and Pervert Rush Limbaugh Labels ALL Women Sluts: From Denny: The latest stupidity from the so-called GOP Intellectual Corner comes from talk show host Rush Limbaugh labeling women as sluts and prostitutes for taking birth control. His current insult is his constant railing against any woman who stands up for her rights.

From his point of view, "How dare women think they are allowed to be first class citizens in their own country? Why should women be allowed to make their own decisions, especially about birth control?"

OK, that was the polite version. This guy is as nutty as Glenn Beck that went into a slow motion dive of a psychotic breakdown on TV. It went on for months. Must we all be witness to the same losing his mind process of watching Limbaugh implode? He should be taken off the air and quickly. His mind is already cooked.
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