28 August 2013

A Truth Journal: Syrian Massacre: What Would Dr. Martin Luther King Do?

English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by ...
English: Bashar al-Assad official portrait by Carlos Latuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Denny:  What would Dr. Martin Luther King, the famous advocate of non-violence, do about this critical moment in America's history?  Who is manipulating President Obama to remove Assad by violence so someone hidden out of sight can take power?  These are the type of questions no one seems to be asking themselves in the American government.

What if the chemical attacks were done by terrorist groups like the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood that have infiltrated the Syrian rebels - or infiltrated the Assad regime?  What if those terrorist groups were using the photos of dead children to so enrage the West that America would easily be manipulated into attacking the Assad regime, disabling its most potent weaponry and military might?

The way of a terrorist mind is to figure out how to leverage a position of inferior numbers and an inferior strategic position.  What could be better than to leverage two large powers to go at each other's throats to destroy their credibility in the world - America - and remove a weak Islamic secular government from power - Assad?

Then the terrorists, who have successfully infiltrated most if not all of the rebel groups - rise in the power vacuum when Assad is killed or set aside.  Worst case scenario the terrorists/rebels cannot hold power immediately but manage to abscond with all manner of dangerous weapons for resale on the black market or for use in terrorist operations...

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08 August 2013

Dennys Funny Quotes: Viral Video: Huge To Go Order As Funny Bear Makes His Getaway With Yummy Garbage Dumpster

Dennys Funny Quotes: Viral Video: Huge To Go Order As Funny Bear Makes His Getaway With Yummy Garbage Dumpster: From Denny:  Bears.  What are you gonna do with them?  They have garbage gourmet tastes.  Especially this enterprising guy at a Colorado Springs, Colorado German restaurant.  What was a restaurant to do but film the bear naked thief in case they had to take him to court?

Late-night snacking is a favorite with bears and this bear was notably out for the big score.  He decided he wanted to keep snacking later in the day at his den so he hit on the idea of stealing the dumpster for an all day take away picnic lunch...

Check out the link to see this hilarious video.  Animals are smarter than we often think!

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