22 February 2009

If You're Bipolar Stay On Your Meds

If You're Bipolar Stay On Your Meds - "It's no easy trick to manage the ups and downs of a bipolar brain. The treatment goal is to help you function within a normal range -- not too up, not too down, but just right...As a bipolar, your brain suffers from a major chemical imbalance.

One way or another, it needs to be rebalanced, it craves to be rebalanced. This is why, without even knowing they're doing it, so many bipolars turn to "self-medicating" with alcohol and drugs. They are naturally obeying their brain's command to please, please stop this roller coaster and give me some peace!"

By Mighty Mom
Photo by allspice1 @ flickr

Excellent read from someone who deals with this condition every day.


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