08 January 2010

Getting Rid of That Clutter Around the Home

From Denny: Woman's Day Magazine Elizabeth Mayhew reminds us that the New Year is a great time to tackle some household clutter (like I've been doing the past two weeks so you can imagine this video clip caught my eye). She offers up some useful tips to avoid getting overwhelmed. I'm the original information junkie multimedia like it's an extreme sport! Periodically I comb through everything to prioritize, purge if it's no longer relevant or digitize it if I have the time.

This woman is talking my language: start first with a closet, not the room, as the closet's tend to be the places where we stash something until we find the time to deal with it. I've always found starting with a closet is actually less overwhelming as it is a smaller space than a room. Heck, if you are a terrible procrastinator, start with only one drawer. One small space de-cluttered is a win in my book! :)

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