26 October 2009

Video: Latest News From the CDC About Flu Vaccine Availability, Prez Obama Declares Flu National Emergency

From Denny: While this flu tends to be one from which most people recover successfully, there are those who do not fare as well and must have access to the vaccine. There is double the death rate from this flu illness. The fact that it is difficult to incubate the vaccine without the usual egg-based version has slowed down ability to deliver the vaccine in large doses for a huge population like America.

The Republicans may be dancing in the streets with glee about destroying big government's ability to mobilize and centralize for the benefit of the population but all they have accomplished is to hurt themselves as well. Bush and Cheney, of the last and most despised White House administration in American history, basically broke the American government on a lot of levels. Most especially Bush released American drug companies from having to produce seasonal and annual vaccine doses large enough for the entire public, stockpile it and have it ready on time. The drug company lobbyists whined about spending money on the public and so Bush gave in to them.

What's happened is that when you abruptly end a continual supply of this magnitude it can take years to start back up and get it running again. A few months is simply not enough for something on this scale. As it is, President Obama is making do with what is available and patch-working the rest from other drug companies around the world to pool all the resources to produce enough vaccine. Take extra precautions while you are awaiting your vaccine if you fall into the vulnerable groups.


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