30 March 2009

Chronic Pain Home Treatment Suggestions

From Denny: Simply written articles about chronic pain overview and home treatment pain management suggestions. (A whole separate section devoted to pain management for cancer patients.) Taking B and D vitamins, eating a balanced diet, taking your medications and stretching exercises several times a day are the top admonitions. Lifestyle changes are also recommended.

Do get into a routine of when you go to bed and when you rise as you will feel far less tired. Try not to nap during the evening. Stay away from caffeine foods and drinks after 3 PM. Try to schedule your most active time of the day when you have the most energy for feeling your best.

Whether it’s a health condition like shingles or a mental health condition like anxiety or depression, it’s important to get treatment early. The longer you wait to treat the issue the more difficult it can be to treat chronic pain.

Of course, the most obvious suggestion is to reduce your daily stress. Stress relief goes a long way to boosting your immune system to give it the strength it requires to battle disease and chronic pain.

Do try to join a support group for mutual understanding and comfort. For a group near you: American Chronic Pain Association, 1–800-533-3231. Also, online: www.theacpa.org.

Learning new breathing exercises, meditations and trigger point massage is all very useful.

For a lot more detailed suggestions at Yahoo Health, click here.

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