01 March 2009

Recipe: Dennys Tapas Style Brownies

Dennys Tapas Style Brownies: "Want your chocolate brownie but also want a healthier yet tasty version? Read on!

For the past twenty years or so the American brownie has grown to gargantuan proportions. One brownie really could serve four people! The trend has been to undercook the batter to a gooey center. Well, folks, read that as why Americans have gotten so fat."

From Denny: I started flipping through my various dessert cookbooks, took a look at the past decade long trend of huge and gooey American desserts and charted another healthier course. But I wasn't about to give up my blessed chocolate, a gift from God! :)

I'm particularly proud of this latest recipe I developed. Enjoy!

Photo by Denny Lyon

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