06 March 2009

Thank you to new Feed subscribers!

A hearty hello and welcome to everyone new who is now taking The Healing Waters feed, thank you! Glad to have you in my little community of kindred souls!

Just installed is the Google Translate (at the top of the page) in case any of you require translation of the page into your own language - or you are just tired of reading in English and want to rest your brain. Let me know how it works out for you, especially if any translation causes confusion.

I'll be glad to rephrase it into something that translates better as I do have a bad habit of using American and regional American slang in my writing. So, just speak up if you can't wrap your head around it; I won't laugh at you - because I've traveled a bit in my life and have been on the other side of a bad translation so I know how it feels to be "like a lost (soccer) ball in high weeds."

Again, welcome!

Take care this weekend,


Photo by John-Morgan @ flickr - I really like to help promote my fellow photographers over at flickr, especially the ones who give their photos to the Creative Commons area for use to online writers like me: thank you!


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