11 March 2009

Health Tourism Guide

Health Tourism Guide: "For many Americans, saddled with no health insurance and faced with potentially devastating healthcare costs, health tourism is rapidly becoming a viable alternative. Many countries boast top-class medical infrastructures, and healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost of similar treatment in the US."

By Sufidreamer
Photo by sxc.hu

From Denny: This is an eye-opener for my fellow Americans! It's sad how our infrastructure on every level has been ignored for the past decade that now it is broken. These are going to be some very expensive repairs.

Meanwhile, there are people in deep need of affordable health care. It's looks like many Americans have the choice of doing without like we have in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina hit several years ago closing many hospitals that have never reopened. The other choice? Go out of the country for serious and too expensive operations. Neither choice is a good one.

Let's hope Obama can get the ball rolling on health care reform so that within a decade we see real improvement here in America!


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