27 January 2009

New Additions to My Blogs List You Will Enjoy

I'm sure some of you have wondered why there have been no links to other blogs... for the past three months I've been busy finding great articles and sources to populate this blog with more than just the articles I write for you.

Now I've turned my attention to a thoughtful list of other wonderful blogs and websites for your consideration to aid you in your quest for balance in your life and just plain enjoyable reading!

To date there are links to a fun and chatty blog about acupuncture treatments and what to expect as a patient (Five Minds), another blog that gives quotations from a different perspective utilizing a lot of quotes from the sports world as well as life and hope quotes (Inspirational Quotes Blog).

There is a Jewish blog (Holy Sparks) of an assortment of quotes from a Jewish perspective regarding spirituality which is extensive and quite wonderful! There is another blog about personal empowerment from a woman who spent years learning how to speak up for herself and then assert herself in the work place in a positive yet effective manner (Lessons From a Recovering Doormat).

Also, there are inspirational lovely quotes from a painter artist (Inspirational Quotes). There is a very easy to do Tai Chi exercise blog with video for those who may be physically challenged or recovering from an illness or surgery and want to start exercising in a gentle manner (Chair Tai Chi).

And, lastly, in this current group today there is a site about the latest news worldwide in the area of Reiki healing which is so popular today (Reiki Digest).

Photo by kimberlyfaye @ flickr


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