13 January 2009

Good ways to get out of bad choices.

Good ways to get out of bad choices. - My Croatian writer friend has done it again. She has the best attitude ever and knows how to land on her feet in life no matter what gets thrown her way. Take a look at her short article. You will come away feeling better about yourself, your life choices and the entire world!

"Whenever I start to think that I might have done mistake, or bad choice, I remember the perfection and endlessness of the whole universe.

Everything is in balance, everything is in perfect order, everything is exactly where is supposed to be. The same is with the nature: whole life is so perfect and intelligent, that there can be no mistake in it.

We are just part of this global perfection: how could it be possible, looking from that perspective, that we make any mistake, or any bad choice?"

Photo by linda yvonne @ flickr


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