28 January 2009

New alternative healing website: VitalityBliss.com

VitalityBliss.com: A new alternative healing website where they stress the importance of looking into healthier ways to heal through natural products.

This site is extensive in its overview of various disciplines and philosophies from chi, yoga, shiatsu and thai massage, colon cleansing, healthy diet fat loss, herbal remedies, hand reflexology, meditation, color therapy and much more.

The category descriptions are not in depth but will familiarize and inform you enough to make a decision to study further for more details. They sell the products they believe in and this site is very easy to navigate too! They also have an updated health news blog with RSS feeds from several sources so it's a good idea to check back with them for updated news and maybe new product offerings.

Here's an excerpt from their introduction:

"Natural Healing? You may ask yourself why? Well, we are here to explain why you should look into it. Natural healing is about products that are natural and not artificial. Products that do more good for your body instead of bad. When you take part in products from mother nature, the benefits are endless.....

..... We need to take control of our lives through natural healing so that we can lead a life full of balance and vitality and gain all the benefits through proper exercise and a healthy diet."

Take a look and see what you think!

Photo by left-hand @ flickr


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