10 February 2010

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Egret diving photo by Memotions @ flickr

From Denny: What an unusual yet beautiful year it has been. Thank you for all your support!

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Addiction: Teens Getting High on Kitchen Holiday Spices

Funny Life and Christmas Cartoons - 25 Dec 2010

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September and October were a bust for writing as the Louisiana humid hot weather we experienced across the nation this summer was pure misery.  It sure slowed me down and it was time to rest.  Check out the archives here during those months to see the posts roundup on all the blogs and you might find something you enjoy.


How Can You Predict The Strength of Your Relationship?

Lonely people: Under More Pressure Have Higher Blood Pressure

How Funny: Your Belly Button Key to Athletic Success

Want Others To Think You Sexy? Wear Red


Easy Steps You Can Take For Computer Eye Strain

Can Child Abuse Cause Heart Attacks Later in Life?

Celebrities Who Fought Postpartum Depression 

How To Exercise Effectively On A Hot Day: Drink A Slushie 

Just How Fast Is Human Evolution?

Craving Ice: Is It A Sign of Anemia?

How Bad Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup For Your Health?

Easy Healthy Dessert: Orange Gel n Fresh Fruit


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Exploding Number of Young Widows in the World

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Good News: Kids Sell Lemon Aid 4 Pelicans Hurt in the Gulf

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Oldest Living Woman in World Now in Indonesia

Anti-Aging Summer Drinks From CBS and Health Magazine

12 Hidden Reasons 4 Fatigue and How to Fight Fatigue

Cartoons: Global Warming Al Gores Surpise Divorce - 5 June 2010

Michelle Obama Fighting Obesity: Chefs Moves to Schools Program

50 Simple Steps: Burn Some Excess Calories

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Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 30 May 2010

Heart Health: Beware of Sugar Pirates in Your Diet

Coming Soon: Get an Orgasm Boost with Female Viagra

Check It Out: Rolling Stones Mag Names 5 Best Songs Ever

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Injuries During Sex, Miracle Baby, Bad Drug Ad Snitches Wanted - Health News Stories - 14 May 2010

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Controversial Successful New Treatment 4 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dennys Photo Gallery: Garden Views

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Want Your Man to Better Understand You? Try Empathy Nasal Spray

Those Funny Mothers Day Quotes and Trivia

Good News: Rolling School Bus Library on Ride Home From School

Roundup of Late Nite Funnies: Colbert Lampoons Arizona Immigration Law

Posts Roundup This Week at Dennys Blogs 25 Apr 2010

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Cool Earth Day Links, Message From Our Prez

Top 15 Bestsellers of What America is Reading: 21 Apr 2010

Icelands Volcanic Ash: Hurting Us And Our Planet?

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Funny Odd Couples: Cats and Their Weirdo Friends

Good News: American Soldier Cheers Others with Magic

Thinking Persons Funny Quotes 4 Tax Season

Take the Test: Whats Your Sex IQ?

Funny Tax Man Cartoons

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 11 Apr 2010

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How to Survive Allergy and Pollen Season

Poem: Legacy of Love

The Funny Side of Allergy Season - Ahh, Choo!

Dennys Photo Gallery: Spectacular Sunrises

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 4 Apr 2010

Unsexy, Unpopular and Unflattering Political Cartoons - 3 Apr 2010

Chef Rocco Dispiritos Cheap Yet Healthy Comfort Food

Funny Easter Bunny Cartoons and April Fools Day Fun


Funny April Fools Day

Awesome Story of Giving That Healed a Town: A Circle of Hands

Weekly Posts Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 28 Mar 2010

Good News: 12 Year Old Walks to Raise Awareness About Homeless Kids

Good News: How New Health Care Law Affects You, Marines Rescue Tangled Seal

Funny Rules of Chocolates, Origins of the Funny Easter Bunny

Easy Rich Yellow Loaf Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Good News: Afghan Orphanage Female Director Honored

41 Post Roundup at Dennys Blogs - 22 Mar 2010

Beautiful Metaphor for Life: Boats

Good News: Good Grades Require Good Deeds Outside the Classroom

First Lady Pushes 4 Healthier Food From Food Companies

29 Post Roundup at Dennys Blogs 14 Mar 2010

16 Beautiful Creative Angel Photos

Saint Patricks Day Funnies Sampler

A Poem About Healing Ourselves


7 Quick Tips to Happiness: Banish Late Winter Blues

90 Second Health Boost Tips

8 Funny Advice Quotes About Sleeping

Are You Sleep Deprived? Smart Tips 4 Sound Sleep

Cinderella Makeup Artist Lauren Luke Goes Viral

Springs New Ruffle Loose and Sophisticated: 4 Ways to Wear It

Shoveling snow? Protect your back and your heart

Unlocking Foods Healing Powers

Salt Attack Food Terrors: Tips for Curbing Sodium

14 Soothing Tranquil Water Photos


6 Good Friends You Need to Live a Long Life

2 Inspiring Haiti Stories: Woman Pulled From Wreckage, New Baby Born on USS Carl Vinson

Bobbi Browns Makeup Tips, Great Beauty Buys for 2010

Funny Music Video of How Americans Sound to Foreigners

Clothing Bank for Those in Need

Skinny Foods to Help Us Slim Those Excess Pounds

5 Funny Quotes About Time

Trim Off Obesity: 3 Inspiring Stories, Nutritionist Answers Diet Questions

Good News: Successful Potato Peeler Salesman Joe Ades

Funny New Years Resolutions Cartoons

Getting Rid of That Clutter Around the Home

Artist Inspires with HOPE Sculpture

4 of 10 Top Quotes of 2009

Good News: Mom and Baby Intersect With Christmas Miracle

How Funny! 10 Banned Overused Buzzwords of 2009

Editorial Cartoons 2 Jan 2010

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