06 February 2010

Salt Attack Food Terrors: Tips for Curbing Sodium

From Denny: Wow! No wonder I find it tough to navigate some restaurant menus to avoid the salt terrors. I knew they tasted too salty to me but had no idea that dining out at my beloved P. F. Chang's could get me a dish of 7900 milligrams of sodium! Fortunately, I managed to gravitate to the salmon dish of only 750 milligrams.

We only require about 2400 milligrams of sodium a day and that's a high level. Down to 1500 milligrams a day is more the ideal target. There are people dining out regularly that don't realize their health problems stem from receiving as much as 12,000 milligrams of sodium a day from the food they eat. Maybe First Lady Michelle Obama needs to jump on the Salt Attack Food Terrors bandwagon and create yet one more initiative.

You have got to see the salt levels of some of these foods like a breakfast meat scramble is the equivalent of 11 bags of potato chips. There's a fried chicken tenders on a bed of salad greens dish that is the salt equivalent of 12 large order of french fries. Another dish equals 640 Pringle's potato chips. And the list goes on, unbelievable.

We all know too much salt in our diet is no longer beneficial and can become harmful, especially to our kidneys. It's always a great idea to do a review to make sure we have the latest information to avoid high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

David Zinczenko, author of "Eat This Not That!" shows how salt intake can add up quickly and helps compare food choices. Take a look:

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