25 February 2010

90 Second Health Boost Tips

From Denny: Prevention Magazine offers some simple 90 Second Health Boost tips. Some are preventions for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Others are how to handle current conditions like high cholesterol or hot flashes from menopause.

We all require at least 7 hours of sleep a night and daily exercise. Many of us complain there are just not enough hours in the day to do all we need to do for our health. Well, these ideas are simple and quick, requiring only about two minutes of your time.

Want to fight cancer? Then eat an apple a day. Studies have found that eating the peel helps fight breast, colon and liver cancers. Be sure to go for the organic version as apples can contain some of the most pesticides. Apples are also great for reducing inflammation like sinus conditions, helps with colds and is good for your lungs.

Want to cut that high cholesterol? Try introducing pistachio nuts into your salads often. On a daily basis it can reduce cholesterol by as much as almost 7% and that cuts heart disease risk by 14%. Just watch the portion level as they do have a lot of calories in their fat.

Want to reduce inflammation for conditions like diabetes, asthma and heart disease? Get serious about a lot of servings of whole grains into your diet and watch the inflammation go down, down, down.

Want to reduce those hot flashes from menopause? The answer is deep belly breathing, those cleansing yoga breaths. This level of breathing reduces the incidents of hot flashes by as much as 50%.

Want to protect against food borne illness in your fridge? Yeah, that's a little scary. Make sure you keep your fridge temperature lower than 40 degrees F. Purchase a refrigerator thermometer to ensure accuracy and you will make sure bacteria can't multiply in your house!

Want to stop those constant headaches? You may not realize it but your posture, or bad posture, can create all those many headaches. Slouching or hunched over a computer desk can create headaches. How does that happen? When our head juts forward we are forced to lift up our eyes. When we do that it constricts the nerves and muscles at the base of the neck and causes headaches.

To avoid headaches, watch your posture in profile. Take a look and line up your ear over your shoulder for proper alignment. Lift your head to avoid headaches, as if your head is on a string and pulled up - like dancers are taught.

Liz Vaccariello from Prevention Magazine:

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