12 February 2010

Unlocking Foods Healing Powers

From Denny: I'm all for getting healthy through eating quality foods rather than de-energized pills. The more food is processed the more energy it loses to give us. Here are some wonderful and smart ways to think about how food can help you through the day for more than just hunger.

Did you know that cherries are great for jet lag? Yep! Dried cherries do the trick when you eat them right before you go on your trip. Then you eat some cherries every night for the number of days you will be away. Confused? Not to worry; here's the simple formula: Say, if you are experiencing a five day time change, then you eat the cherries for five nights.

Apparently, cherries have the ability to help with the sleep hormone melatonin. Whenever you work out strenuously and know you will be sore make sure to down some cherries for their anti-inflammatory property. Yep, reduces muscle soreness. Is that cool or what?!:)

What are pineapple and papaya good for? Because of their enzymes they help break down bad bruises.

How's this new super food Kefir helpful? Because it is rich in probiotics and healthy bacteria, like yogurt, it really does the trick for bad breath. Who knew?

The Japanese have a sure fire cure for hangovers: salty sour plums!

And fresh ginger? Most of us already know how it is useful for nausea and stomach aches since it is a digestive.

And what is eggplant good for? Unbelievable: warts. That's a new one on me. Apparently, when you apply slices of fresh eggplant directly onto the wart that it stimulates your immune system to heal faster.

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