19 February 2010

Cinderella Makeup Artist Lauren Luke Goes Viral

From Denny: What an inspiring story this one is about a British 27 year old single mother with no friends. She worked as a taxi dispatcher. Not exactly the kind of environment with people to get to know inside the office; she was the office.

But she loved makeup and got creative one day. While she playing around in her bedroom, and using herself as a model, she turned on her video cam and taped her demo of applying eye shadow for a smokey eye. On a whim, she uploaded it to YouTube. Within the first few hours she experienced thousands of views. Well, that so encouraged her, as she felt she was connecting with so many people, that she started creating more videos.

What happened over the course of a year? She received millions of views and a few thousand dollars income for it. YouTube got excited about her view levels and connected her to some advertisers and the rest is history.

What is she doing now? Two years later she now has developed her own makeup line and travels between Europe and America demonstrating it. She's having the time of her life - and plenty of new friends to show for it.

This is the coolest Cinderella story. Not bad to go from nowhere and struggling financially to a millionaire, all before she turned thirty. Of course, it wasn't a calculated move but rather she followed her passion and love of creating with makeup. Take a look at her story:

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