18 August 2009

Video: Team Hoyt as the Most Inspirational People on the Planet!

From Denny: Thanks to tweetmoola @ Twitter for bringing this fabulous video to my attention. If ever you needed something to make your day this video is it. This is love in action and just plants you firmly in the awe-inspired corner of your life.

Team Hoyt is a father and son team who run races together everywhere and have for decades. The son, Rick, has severe cerebral palsy and cannot speak except through a machine. His father carries, tows, pushes him in a wheelchair uphill for Iron Man Triathelons, road races and more. One word: unbelievable.

These races are tough enough just for yourself but to carry, tow or push an additional dead weight of 110 pounds is clearly a miracle of God given strength and endurance. Watch it all the way to the end to see the clips of the father's incredible feats of strength from someone who was never an athlete when he started doing this act of love for his son. Now that's inspirational! Pass this video forward to others to be inspired when they need it.


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