19 August 2009

Added Spiritual Self-Healing Article Links in the Sidebar

From Denny: For the past six months I've been writing various articles and poems about healing spiritually. As of today there are eight articles and poems listed. I'm a huge proponent of self-healing as while the journey is tough it's also a rewarding one. In these articles and poems I've placed some of my experiences and knowledge gained along the way of my own discovery. Many people have found the information and just another way to think about healing from yet another unconventional angle as useful, maybe you will too. Look at it this way: it's free. Look, no ebook for sale... :)

Here's what you will find so far in the sidebar. Will be adding to it as time goes along...

Healing: Universal Spiritual Principles That Work (part 1) - Spiritual principles can be used in a practical way in your everyday life to enhance it. Begins with the Indian proverb of how we live our lives in essentially four internal rooms. Discussion of cultivating a simple concept to regain and maintain our balance in life.

Healing: Keep Your Joy (part 2 of universal spiritual principles that work) - Explores internal clutter as what gets us off balance in life and a meditation and visualization exercise to clear that internal clutter to live a free and happier life!

What Really Makes Me So Smart (part 1) - How well do you know yourself on your deepest level? A war veteran I know suffering from PTSD often remarked how I knew myself so very well and marveled at it. I once suffered from PTSD and figured out how to heal myself over time without counseling or drug therapy. That's the secret to healing: know yourself well. More is talked about in this article, mostly centered upon how you perceive others and the action you take in relationships. Also, discussion of the spirit vs. the ego in getting to know yourself better.

Walk the Talk to Happiness - With the passing of Britain's last WWI veteran, Henry Allingham, the world was briefly focused upon his message of honoring others in our lives through the love of mentoring. Henry cultivated a path of happiness for over 100 years!

Push Abuse Out of Your Life and Out of Your Head - This article and poem is about the process of overcoming abuse to heal yourself. I was touched one day when I ran across a blog by an abused young woman who is also bipolar where she wrote about her inner struggle.

Poem: It Isnt In Me - A poem to help you define yourself by what you are not, take a look.

Writing Spiritual Poetry - With a spiritual poem about transformation in the hurricanes of life.

The Joy Makers: Feel the Love - This article is chock full of fun videos that will get you laughing so much you will fall off the chair and forget all about that bad day.


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