09 August 2009

Do You Realize How Much Love There is Between Hugs?

From Denny: I'm constantly on the search for interesting articles and videos that would speak to the area of healing people. I try not to narrow it down too much to just one subject like say, Reiki, or only a Christian perspective. People are all different and "one size does not fit all" in my book. You never know when one idea may speak to someone to take and make their own and - voila! - they are on their way to self-healing.

Since Thursday when a huge thunderstorm moved through our area and we lost power for the day - and it put me way behind on my posting to all my blogs, apologies if you were arriving for a daily post - it also gave me some time off the grid to think. Then, of course, the obvious jumped up into my own face and I realized I wasn't mining a really good source for healing in my own yard: my quotes blog with commentary, Beautiful Illustrated Quotations.

I've always enjoyed good quotes, especially the witty ones and the inspirational ones. They are a good jumping off point for getting your writing going for the day. I used to keep them in a private journal but then decided to start writing out loud for others as maybe someone may find some benefit in how my mind was rolling around a thought that day. :)

So, I've decided to start including some posts from my quotes with commentary blog (have a funny quotes list blog too) that pertain to healing and inspiration. Sometimes, learning technique like Reiki isn't enough; we need more.

That's one reason I put up the miracle videos as it's important to re-think what and how we think about miracles other than in the way of fantasy thinking or the negative thinking of "it will never happen." I'll be writing more about different thoughts on how we move our thinking to the level it takes to self-healing.

Just yesterday I was reminded when I saw a couple of friends and they inquired about how I was faring after the car accident a few years ago. I told them I was just fine and finely had healed of the nerve pain and how I didn't know how other people lived with such pain year after year for decades. Well, turned out my friend had the same issue and it surprised her it was possible to heal of nerve pain when the doctors tell you to get used to it and learn to live with it. Like I was going to listen to that negativity when I knew I could figure out how to heal myself; so I did. I guarantee she will be back to talk to me about that one! :)

Healing is required from a lot of different angles and it's important to push your attitude up to a more positive level to achieve it. Part of my method to do that is to use my rational mind to mentally chew on some ideas. As a conceptual thinker I can glean from any field an idea to use in another way most people just don't consider. Sort of like I'm the person who enjoys going into a hardware store and start envisioning all the fun things I could build.

So, in the effort to help others to re-think and think from different angles here's a recent quote from the other blog, enjoy! And check back to Thursday as I put up other quotes' commentary that applied to these blog's theme on healing for Thursday through today's.

How Much Love There is Between Hugs?

Today's quote brings to mind what yoga and tai chi teachers speak about: the infinite amount of time between each breath. They teach about placing our focus not as much "on" each breath but most especially "between" each breath. In that small space lives a large portion of our lives. A lot goes on in that seemingly small interval of time that affects our perception too.

This is the first love quote I've seen that mentions the enormity of time and welling up of extreme passionate emotion that is felt in an instant between hugs extended and hugs received. Instead of focused upon the wonderful hug, this lover is focused upon the small space of time between his reaching out to hug his lover and her response in kind. He felt that moment so strongly he wrote about it!


"Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you." - Jacques Prévert

Photo by notsogoodphotography @ flickr

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