04 June 2010

Michelle Obama Fighting Obesity: Chefs Moves to Schools Program

*** First Lady Michelle Obama's new anti-obesity program of engaging chefs to go into the public schools to teach about food.

From Denny: First Lady Michelle Obama is doing her part to put America back on the right path when it comes to getting our bodies back in balance. She is starting with America's children. She visits public schools across the country to preach the Gospel of Healthy Food and Smaller Portions.

While she takes a lot of ribbing from cartoonists about this subject she is also right. Obesity is an epidemic in America and we have to do something to stem the tide. Over the decades, as restaurants have fought for market share with consumers, they have super sized the portions to the point far too many Americans are now fat, fat to the point of obesity.

So, it was one smart move for Michelle Obama to engage America's chefs to help her teach in their public schools about the subject of healthy diets, where food comes from and develop health food habits.

The long established fact from many studies over the years is that children learn better and have faster response times when they eat healthy diets and eat breakfast before coming to school.

Who knows? Maybe with chefs teaching regularly in their areas many kids will want to choose cooking and teaching about healthy food habits as their profession to the next generation. One thing is for sure, America's kids will learn a lot of valuable information they can put to good use at home now with their families and also later when they grow up and leave home to become independent.

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