08 June 2010

12 Hidden Reasons 4 Fatigue and How to Fight Fatigue

*** Check out what Dr. Jennifer Ashton tells us are other factors that may be causing us to feel tired - besides not getting enough sleep.

Hidden fatigue factor: What other reasons can explain fatigue besides the obvious one of not enough sleep? What can you do to fight fatigue?

1 - Breakfast - You may not be eating a nutritious breakfast every day and getting hydrated well throughout the day. Your body needs quality fuel to run on all day so make sure you eat some light protein like an egg white omelet, complex carbs like whole wheat toast and some fruit to get you started. The goal is to maintain a steady level for your blood sugar as this will fight off fatigue beautifully.

2 - Anemia - Most women of reproductive age suffer from some anemia as do pregnant women. The important thing is to find out why you are anemic. Is it just a diet that can easily be corrected or is it something more serious? Is there an issue with heavy or excessive menstrual bleeding? If so, then find out the root cause and fix it.

"Anemia is when your body doesn't have enough red blood cells -- which provides oxygen to the body tissues and organs. Women can be more likely to get iron-deficiency anemia during menstruation and/or pregnancy," said Ashton, "According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), more than 10 percent of women ages 12 to 49 are iron deficient. Anemia can be a result of a poor diet -- a diet is consistently low in iron and vitamins, especially folate, put you at risk for anemia."

3 - Several meals daily - Make sure you eat several small frequent meals all day long as opposed to waiting for one large woofing it down meal where you can overload your digestion system and get tired. Eating too little can cause fatigue just as easily as eating the wrong foods.

4 - Foods to include in your diet - Make sure you are taking in a diet rich in foods to build red blood cells. For iron, add beans and meat to your diet. Folate, is also important to fighting fatigue. Add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Vitamin B12 is found in dairy and meat.

5 - Rest breaks - Take frequent 10 minute breaks daily, even a short nap to refresh and restore. Keeping a fast paced day will create lingering fatigue. Short rest breaks frequently will combat that fatigue.

6 - Underactive Thyroid (hypothyroidism) - It's an endocrine gland that when out of balance can cause you to feel fatigued. The thyroid controls the speed of your metabolism. Usually, it affects about 17 percent of women over the age of 60 and some men. If you are gaining weight and feel sluggish yet are not eating more calories to explain the weight gain then see your doctor to get checked out.

7 - Depression - Take note that you can feel depressed if you have not been resting enough - and often - or not been getting a quality night's sleep over an extended period of time. When you rule out this situation then see your doctor.

8 - Sleep-related disorder like Sleep Apnea - This is a possibility if you are unable to get a good night's sleep over a long period of time. Sleep Apnea can cause you to actually stop breathing for a few moments while you are asleep and it can happen several times a night.

You may never remember what happened during the night. Sleep Apnea will cause you to feel fatigued even when you wake up in the morning. What explains the fatigue is that each time you stop breathing momentarily you wake up long enough to break your sleep cycle yet you are not aware of doing so. Sometimes, the only clue to this sleep disorder is your constant fatigue even though you spent plenty of time sleeping.

A lifestyle change is in order to deal with this disorder. Losing weight is a must for better breathing at night while you sleep. Quit smoking too to lose the fatigue.

Untreated sleep apnea can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. Most people benefit from over the counter solutions to help keep the nasal airways open while sleeping since those muscles relax and swell when we sleep. In severe cases surgery can be necessary to open the airways.

9 - Undiagnosed Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)- Most women expect the usual symptoms of burning or a sense of an urgency to urinate as tell tale signs this is an issue. Actually, fatigue may be the only symptom this may be a problem. See a doctor to rule out. UTIs are caused by bacteria living in the urinary tract because of improper toilet hygiene or even from sexual intercourse.

10 - Too much caffeine - Lay off the coffee and soft drinks. When most people feel their energy ebbing late in the afternoon, they grab a soft drink or a cup of coffee as a pick me up. Unfortunately, there are those folks that too much caffeine in their system creates fatigue. If this is your issue then the chocolate and tea has to go too - and even some medications that contain caffeine. You might be pleasantly surprised these sources were the reason for your unexplained fatigue.

11 - Hidden Food Intolerances - This is not about food allergies of which only about 5 percent of the population suffers. However, even a mild food intolerance can make you feel sleepy. If you keep eating the problem food over an extended period of time you will end up feeling downright exhausted. So, keep a diet journal to see what you have been eating lately and see what's changed or what you can change in order to get your energy back.

12 - Undiagnosed Heart Disease - Activity that used to be easy for you in the past but is now difficult and exhausting may be a sign of heart disease. If you suffer an overwhelming fatigue for doing simple yard work, vacuuming the house or commuting from work each day, then heart disease should be considered. In fact, your heart may be sending out an SOS help call to get you to seek medical attention. Talk to your doctor if this is the case.

Think about your reasons for fatigue

Stop and think about chugging that next energy drink or cup of coffee when you feel fatigued. Are you pushing your heart too much? Are you diet deficit? Are you sleep deprived? When enough rest and changes to a proper diet after a couple of weeks does not help the fatigue it's time to see your doctor.

Why You May Be Tired

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