22 June 2010

Good News: Kids Sell Lemon Aid 4 Pelicans Hurt in the Gulf

*** How kids are impacted by this oil spill disaster and what they decided to do about it.

From Denny: It's difficult to watch the oil spill news these days when you see these poor Pelicans in my state of Louisiana all covered in oil. You wonder if they will survive. To date over a million dead birds have been found. How many more there were will never be known because BP blocked access for months to beaches littered with dead animals so the media was unable to film it.

This young boy, who lives in the middle of the state, Alexandria, Louisiana, decided he wasn't going to sit on the sidelines. He was determined he was going to figure out how to raise some money to help the oil slicked birds. When parents try to teach their kids how to be environmentally aware and care about others outside of themselves, this had to be one proud moment for this parent. He is just a regular kid who wanted to do something extraordinary. Take a listen:

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