15 April 2009

Banish Fear Through Community

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From Denny: While researching for my quotes blog, Beautiful Illustrated Quotations, I ran across this story which was related to the quote. What a wonderful short article and well written!

For the past eight years our American politicians have been pulling out all the stops to keep the public jacked up into the stratosphere on fear. That can only go on for so long without devastating consequences to the society's culture. People have quit trusting anyone and everyone, even the neighbors they have said hello to for years. Our culture has become that negative.

The folks over at this site are making the effort to teach people how to re-establish a thriving healthy community. The article was originally written for April Fools Day as an introduction to talking about the fear of making a fool of yourself in front of others. OK, so this guy's word choices are not squeaky clean, don't let that stop you from reading his valid points:

"In more modern times especially since 9-11, fear has dominated Western culture with fear of terrorists and fear of violence cutting everyone off from one another. There’s a huge horror film industry built around fear and so many popular television shows exploit and increase our sense of insecurity about the world.

On the personal front, fear of making a fool out of ourselves and fear of f***ing up keep us quiet and locked up inside our heads."

Take a look to read Banish Fear Through Community, go here.

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