30 April 2009

Rocket Boost Ranking by Technorati

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From Denny: Quite the delightfully unexpected today! Technorati boosted this blog's ranking up 300,000 in one day, yes, the number is correct. I had to rub my eyes and look at it several times. From time to time you can get a 30,000 to 50,000 boost and that's rare - but this much...? The usual ranking boost is by 5,000 per day when things are going well. So this new stat really caught me by surprise.

There are over half a BILLION blogs on the planet right now and Technorati follows only 100 MILLION. I was thrilled to be in the top 10 million a few months ago, working from the cellar of 20 million. Then about a month ago had worked my way into the top one million. Life was good in my mind!

Well, now Technorati has this little blog ranked in the 600,000's overnight! Looks like I better be on my best behavior from here on out...! ;)

Anyway, THANK YOU, everyone, for supporting, subscribing, visiting from time to time, and just cruising through The Healing Waters for a brief glance while exploring the blogosphere! This blog just keeps growing and morphing in response to YOU and what is going on in our world right now. Thanks for your emails as well as your generous reading support.

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