02 April 2009

Balancing on Top of the World

The feet of a tightrope walker.Image via Wikipedia

From Denny: Here is a wonderful heartfelt post about "getting balance in your life" from the blog Quantum Learning, a blog that is dedicated to the lifestyle of nonviolence living.

Since balance is often a topic I write about in regard to spiritual development this post was a good fit for this healing blog. Here are a couple of my own articles on the subject that are useful. So you don't lose your place on this read, just right click your mouse to open these articles in new windows. Much easier navigation! :)

Healing: Universal Spiritual Principles That Work

Healing: Keep Your Joy

Excerpt from this lovely post about acquiring balance in your life:

"There always seems to be some aspect of my life where I’m striving for balance.

I saw ‘Man On Wire’ the other evening.

For those who don’t know, it’s a wonderful documentary about a Frenchman, Philippe Petit. He’s the guy in the picture above, who, in 1974 walked across a high-wire strung between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. If you doubt the picture to be authentic, just check out those awesome flares! Only an insanely passionate person would even consider tightrope walking between the towers in those trousers!

Watching this film I realised I’ve been missing the point about balance!"

For the rest of this illuminating post, go here.

Thanks also go to rodie151, a StumbleUpon friend who brought my attention to Quantum Learning blog, good choice!

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