24 July 2009

Video: Interview with a Psychiatrist on His Spiritual Growth

From Denny: This is a British radio interview done with Dr. Mitchell Gibson, a trained psychiatrist. What he begins to discuss are the beginnings of his spiritual journey, how he met a Buddhist monk as a child who taught the class meditation, how he later finally used that meditation during the stressful time of his medical residency.

Bit by bit God was leading him, as he does us all, into great spiritual awareness and development. Dr. Gibson has studied a lot of world religions like a lot of seekers. With his medical training of the analytical mind he was able to connect the dots on a lot of thoughts not usually discussed.

This is the first in a series of great videos concerning what he discovered on his spiritual path. Among them is the 1500 year old Jewish mystics ancient Kabbalah prayer called the Ana Bekoach: the 42 letter name of God. This is a powerful prayer for healing, well, everything. I'll get into the exact meaning of each line and how to say the prayer in other posts. First I wanted to introduce you to this teacher so you know where he is coming from. While he does have a site where he sells videos and audios, I found everything on YouTube free for the embedding in posts.

The promo text on YouTube:

"Esoteric Online interview Dr. Mitchell Earl Gibson, one of the most well known and highly respected medical doctors in the state of Arizona. He has been the mental health consultant for the largest television station (NBC-Affiliate KPNX-TV12 Phoenix) for the past eight years. Dr. Gibson has also been consulted by every major television, radio, and newspaper service in Arizona for his expertise in the fields of mental health and human behavior.

Dr. Gibson has been named to the "Top Doctors" list in Phoenix three times and twice to the Woodward and White "Best Doctors listing. Dr. Gibson was named to the position of "Honorary Chairman" for the state of Arizona by the National Republican Health-Care Reform Committee for his work on health-care reform. He is also listed in the "Consumer's Guide to America's Top Psychiatrists" for 2003, 2004 and 2005
An interesting and inspirational interview with a great man!"

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