28 July 2009

Video: What is the Force That Causes Miracles? Part 4

From Denny: Continuing in the lecture series...

Once you start studying what the Kabbalah has to say about how spiritual principles operate, the stories recounted below will make more sense to you. There are three levels of healing available to us and the healings recounted below are about what comes from the highest level of the superconscious - the soul level. Takes a lot of practice - decades - to achieve this level but it can be done. This is the level of what appears to be spontaneous healing because it happens so quickly.

From the promo text on YouTube:

"Spiritual teachers, mystics, and holy people from all over the world have known for centuries that the Force of the Miraculous likes to accumulate in certain people. No one knows why this happens. When this happens, miracles happen around these people on an astonishingly regular basis.

Sri Matajhi Indira Devi was the wife of the Indian ambassador to England. She was a very wealthy and powerful woman even by American standards. She found however, that strange and mysterious events happened around her with regularity. She saw visions, heard voices, and was carried off into mysterious rapturous experiences for hours at a time. Her family hired the best medical doctors that it could find to help her but her condition only worsened.

One day, she met a Holy Man who explained to her that the Force of the Miraculous had chosen her as a vessel and that she needed to be taught how to use the force to help others. Over time, she left her comfortable life and spent the rest of her life learning to master the power of this force. I met her in August of 1994 in Pune, India.

Among her many miracles, she was able to create a spring of clear drinkable water in the middle of a field that had been previously surveyed as barren. She miraculously healed the bodies of hundreds of natives that had been injured through accident or illness. She produced statues made of solid silver out of thin air.

I was introduced to her through a friend that had been the recipient of one of her miracles. He had been diagnosed with a brain abscess and was given days to live. "Ma", a she is called, healed his lesions in hours with a single touch. History is full of people who have been designated as carriers of the Force of the Miraculous. "Ma" is not the only person that I have personally met who carries this force.

I met a man in Las Vegas who can touch slot machines and ask them to give him money. I have seen him do this, twice. It is how he makes his living. The internet is a wonderful tool. Use it to find people who are reported to have miraculous ability. Doing this has enriched my life immensely.

I have met a man who can talk to the sky and ask for rain anytime he wants it. I have seen him do that. It is a sight to behold. I relay these examples for a reason. In order to make the Force of the Miraculous work for us, it is important for us to educate ourselves as to what it is and how it works in the world."

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