12 August 2010

How Funny: Your Belly Button Key to Athletic Success

*** Check out your body type to know which sport is easier for you to excel.

From Denny: This was an odd news story. Studying sports seems to be a never ending fascination, especially for coaches who are always trying to figure out how to make athletes better. Turns out there are some observations that help determine an athlete's greater success in a particular sport: where their belly button is located. Where your center of gravity is located really does determine your athletic success.

I told you this was an odd story. :) Seriously though, what was found is that a person with a physique of a long torso and shorter legs was better at swimming. A person with a shorter torso and longer legs was better at running.

Best swimmers: long torso (low center of gravity), usually European origin

Best runners: short torso, long legs (high center of gravity), usually African origin

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