23 January 2010

Updating Your Home: Decorating Dilemmas Solved

From Denny: I always find these practical ideas to be useful. Who wants to get stuck in one line of thinking, get rigid and end up so out of touch there is little hope of reconnecting with the rest of the world? :) An easy fix is to periodically get a tune-up for your perspective on the world. It's a real tonic to your creativity for art, food or writing!

The most fun way is to take everything out of a room you feel just does not inspire you to work or sleep or whatever purpose you want it to have and think of it from another angle. Read that as my husband has grown used to finding the furniture moved around and a room painted when he comes home from work. He has learned to become more emotionally flexible as a result of my re-thinking a room's personality or purpose.

Now, when the seasons change he looks at me and asks which color scheme we are changing into this time and volunteers to go get everything. Read that as I make it easy by just adjusting accessories for a new feel. Light and pales for the heat of the summer, reds and warm tones for the winter and you get the idea. I've streamlined it over the years so as to make it easy to adjust the room in a few minutes.

I even rearrange the furniture in the main living area for summer vs. winter. In summer you want a more open plan for lots of coolness, removing the rugs, excess pillows, chair covers. In winter, you want to arrange for a cozier plan to encourage warm air to remain, bring back the rugs, add more pillows, a few comforters - if you have pets, make those washable as my cats are blanket hogs. The product Fabreeze is wonderful because it kills bacteria on pillows and other items you don't want to wash every week. You no longer have to stress if someone puts their feet on decorator pillows! :)

These two short videos give you some great ideas if you feel stumped as to what to do for one of your rooms. Readers sent in their decorating dilemma to be solved:

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Transforming your bleak basement into a livable space, ah, at last! And the designer shows you how if you are a DIY kind of person:

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