27 January 2010

Healing Remedies: Food in Your Fridge

From Denny: Eating cherries for jet lag? Papaya for a bruise? Unlock the healing powers of food.

Cherries really are useful for dealing with nagging jet lag. Take along dried cherries, eat some before your trip, and the formula is to eat cherries every night for each hour of time change: 5 hours of time change = 5 nights of eating cherries.

Cherries are also an anti-inflammatory and so cherry juice is a must after a strenuous workout to avoid soreness.

Pineapple and papaya are useful for bruises because of enzymes that break up the blood pooling under the skin that creates the bruise.

An old trick here in Louisiana when we bruise ourselves is to use vinegar and cayenne pepper to soak a bruise. Vinegar and cayenne pepper pull out the excess blood pool under your skin. It's especially useful if you stubbed your toe badly and don't want to lose the nail.

Fresh ginger root steeped in hot water to make a tea is famous for stomach aches and nausea, even nausea from pregnancy or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Eggplant is used sliced thinly and applied directly to warts to help stimulate the immune system to heal faster.

Plums, specifically Japanese plums that are sour and salty, are famous for treating hangovers.

Kefir is the latest trending super food that helps with really bad breath because it is full of pro-biotics and good bacteria. Definitely a food to buy before Valentine's Day when you are going to be doing all that kissing! :)

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