19 November 2009

New Controversial Breast Cancer Guidelines Slapped By Backlash From American Women

From Denny: I've been waiting a few days for the furor to subside to see how this story shakes out. Basically, the medical community oversold the product: mammograms over the past couple of decades. Now women feel like they are getting short-changed being denied regular mammograms under the age of 50.

With all the health care cutbacks and denials by the insurance industry women are naturally suspicious. Perhaps there is something else to consider: what if mammograms too close together were a contributing factor to developing cancer? I doubt doctors would be willing to admit this fact if it proved to be true. So, what's the next best thing to do? Start weaning women off regular mammograms and up the age level for getting them in the first place. That strategy has backfired. Women are furious. Somehow, you just sense when an authority figure is not being forth-coming with you.

As to self-exams, it's just silly to tell women under age 50 not to do them. Catching a cyst of infection or a benign tumor can be caught this way; it isn't just cancer that can be detected.

What's even more annoying is that the panel who handed down these so-called guidelines from on high did not even include a breast surgeon or a cancer specialist. How irresponsible is that?! Not thorough either. If this panel was a book it would look like a book with misspellings and editing mistakes. Now who would buy that? My point, exactly. Who's going to buy these new recommendations about breast cancer detection? Not many, apparently.


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