13 November 2009

Video: Tim McGraw Making a Difference

From Denny: It's celebrities like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill that make you smile with pride when they choose to share their wealth and get involved helping others. They are actively pursuing projects to help rebuild the Hurricane Katrina region that is still devastated five years after the storm hit.

He is from Louisiana and she is from Mississippi. It's a common love story here in the South known as "a Louisiana man and a Mississippi woman." And everyone looks at each other and grins knowingly...

The second video is a web exclusive and did not appear on TV.

Tim McGraw discusses his charity Neighbor's Keeper Fund which supports a variety of community charities, one right here in my home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for kids suffering from the trauma of the hurricane:

To read his blog: Tim McGraw: Every day you can make a difference

Link to Neighbors Keeper Fund, go here.


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