27 December 2008

BIPOLAR DISORDER and proven natural ways of healing

BIPOLAR DISORDER and proven natural ways of healing - This is an article written by a friend and writer over at HubPages.com who is from Croatia. She writes about other causes to consider concerning bi-polar depression: not having enough certain mineral salts in your system can cause psychiatric disorders or the thyroid gland may be an issue. 10 tips to assist in the balance of mood swings is also included.

Warning: If you or a loved one suffers from depression, it's worth it to check out alternative ideas for natural healing. Keep your doctor informed of what you may be considering as it's important to remain on your medications. Why? They were calibrated for your particular system and just abruptly taking yourself off meds can cause serious setbacks or damage.

Work with your doctor for a safe and slower approach when changing or coming off meds. The object is to heal completely or find a way to manage the problem - not create a worse problem. This article is very interesting, informative and is in depth, teaching along the way.

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