02 May 2009

Video: CDC Races To Find Vaccine

"The Centers for Disease Control is trying to find a vaccine for the H1N1 virus. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on their progress and Dr. Jennifer Ashton tells Katie Couric about symptoms of this flu."

From Denny: With this news video you get a look literally inside the CDC offices (Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia) where they have been ramping up for the past couple of years to address a pandemic. The CDC has set up this office for around the clock monitoring, literally 24/7.

Interviewing a doctor about this flu seemed counterproductive since the medical community still doesn't have a handle on it yet. How can they predict what to do or not do based on no understanding of how the infection mutates?

Still the video is worth watching to help you think about what to do as this situation progresses. Definitely, there was sound advice for people with compromised immune systems: cancer patients on chemo, young children and the like.

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