24 November 2010

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Video, Cartoons and Food Posts

Enjoy some Thanksgiving humor along with more delectable recipes to make your mouth water waiting for the next holiday.

From Denny:  Funny Thanksgiving quotes, a funny Thanksgiving dance video, funny Thanksgiving cartoons, an hilarious post featuring fighting turkeys with captions, another funny post about the infamous Gluttony Pants now in holiday fashion -  and lots of great food. What more could you ask for after a great meal while cruising the web? Uh... maybe a waist extender for my pants? Oh, yeah... but the food was soooo good! :)

And a few serious gratitude posts to round out the season...

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and hope you enjoy your holiday!

Funny posts:

Funny Holiday Fashion: Gluttony Pants - Get the latest holiday clothing to ensure comfortable holiday feasting.

21 Funny Thanksgiving Fighting Turkey Photos

Funny Thanksgiving Presidential Pardon 4 Turkeys Apple and Cider - Check out some funny trivia about presidential turkey pardons.

Monday Lite: Late Night Jokes, Thanksgiving and TSA Cartoons - 22 Nov 2010

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes - Cheeky Quote Day! 25 Nov 2009

5 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes, Photos

Geeky Girl Gone Wild: Happy Thanksgiving Dance!

Editorial Cartoons Roundup 28 Nov 2009

And a few serious posts:

A Man In Love - A true story of just how far a man will go to survive when he is in love during war time. A Thanksgiving holiday poem.

A Prayer of Wisdom From An Unknown Confederate Soldier

111 Insightful Life Quotes

How Does Gratitude Unlock the Fullness of Life?

                                                             Emeril's Brined Turkey

Thanksgiving Food:

Chef Emeril Cooks Holiday Menu: 7 Delicious Recipes - Cook your holiday feast with favorite chef Emeril Lagasse.

6 Easy Turkey Thanksgiving Recipes and Gravy, Roasting Tips and Advice

8 Cajun Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes, BBQ Turkey, Deep Fry Turkey, Roasting Tips

Chicago Chef Jimmy Bannos Cajun Thanksgiving Menu of 12 Recipes

Chef Paul Deen: Easy Holiday Cola-Basted Ham, Cranberry Sauce - Check out a simple recipe that is always a bit hit with family and friends during the holiday season.

Chef Lidia Bastianich: Easy Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes - Chef Lidia Bastianich shares Italian holiday cookies from her childhood.

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Recipes: Pumpkin Bread Pudding, Pumpkin Donut Muffins - Martha Stewart shares a couple of her holiday recipes of what else you can make with that iconic autumnal food: pumpkin.

Chef Thomas Keller: Thanksgiving Brunch Recipes - Check out one of best chefs in America and a wonderful brunch menu for the holidays.

Easy Holiday Pasta From Chef Michael Chiarello - Check out some easy holiday ideas using pasta to make a spectacular and tasty meal sure to impress everyone - 3 recipes.

Fall Comfort Food NYC Chef Style: Braised Osso Buco, Risotto, Salad - Check out how to make Italian comfort food in an hour, all done in the oven - 3 recipes.

Pumpkin Risotto, Crispy Bread Soffritto, and Pumpkin Chile Recipes

Unusual Exotic Thanksgiving Menu, Poll on Turkey Vs. Sides Debate

*** Feathered Turkey Photo by eye of einstein @ flickr

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