23 March 2010

Good News: Afghan Orphanage Female Director Honored

From Denny: Did you see this news story? It's one of those one in a million happenings. There are few women in Afghanistan who dare to do what this native is doing: educate other women and girls. She has tremendous courage for she could be put to death from a number of directions - an outraged husband, an angry brother or uncle, the local Taliban, a local tribal leader, anyone who lodges a complaint against her for educating young girls.

She was featured on NBC News several times. What is remarkable and heart warming is that so many viewers responded and sent donations to help her endeavors. To date over $100,000 has been collected. The sweet part of those donations is that there is no corrupt middle man taking his cut. They will all go to housing and educating Afghani girls.

Meet this founder of an Afghanistan orphanage by the name of Andeisha Farid. She was honored here in America at a Kennedy Center ceremony by the global women's organization Vital Voices. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton founded Vital Voices.

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