05 December 2011

Shopper Beware: Walmart Clothing Rigged With Needles

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From Denny:  As you go out to shop during the Christmas season, beware.  Turns out that when two mothers were out shopping they were pricked by syringes purposely placed into the clothing they inspected before purchasing.

One involved a syringe found in child's clothing.  When the child donned the Hello Kitty item she was stuck with the needle.  When the mother went to investigate what was bothering her daughter, she too was injured.

So far no news on what was in those syringes.  Take care when you are out there this shopping season.  Apparently, there are some sick people tricking out the merchandise to cause harm and psychological anxiety.

Check out the news video:

Disturbing Find in Walmart Clothes
Customers at Georgia store were stuck with hypodermic needles hidden in clothes.

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