09 May 2011

The Social Poets: How Do Mothers Fare Around The World?

PRT, ADT women help celebrate Women's Day in Kunar [Image 3 of 3]

* original post on http://thesocialpoets.blogspot.com,  http://madhealth.net stole my content and redirected search engine traffic away to their site - Photo of International Women's Day celebration in Afghanistan of Women from the Kunar Provincial Reconstruction Team and Iowa National Guard’s 734th Agribusiness Development Team, 8 March, photo by DVIDSHUB @ flickr

The Social Poets: How Do Mothers Fare Around The World?: "From Denny: The recent Mother's Day celebration does make us wonder how other women fare in the rest of the world. The organization, 'Save The Children,' conducted a study and ranked the best - and the worst places - in the world to be a mother.

They ranked child and maternal mortality, health care, and education. The disparities were glaring:

Women who die from pregnancy-related causes:

Afghanistan: 1 in 11 women die
Norway: only 1 in 7,600 die

The bottom worst countries ranked:

Children that die before the age of five: 1 out of every 6 children
Women who die of pregnancy-related causes: 1 out of 30 women die
A skilled attendant at birth: fewer than 50 percent
Children who suffer from malnutrition: 1 out of 3 children

How well did America fare in the study? Not that well. We were ranked at 31 out of the 43 developed countries. Considering the state of our expensive health care system and wages driven down to the point people have dropped their health care insurance it's no surprise."

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