25 May 2010

Coming Soon: Get an Orgasm Boost with Female Viagra

*** New drug works on female brain chemistry to jump start the libido.

From Denny: Wait for it... wait for it... Ah... OK, really. :) Seriously, though, next month the FDA is "releasing" (couldn't resist that terrible pun either) a female version of Viagra to boost women's sex drives. Ain't Life grand, girls?

The drug is called Flibanserin and is made by a German pharmaceutical company by the name of Boehringer Ingelheim. The women in Germany are not known for being shy about asking for what they want sexually. So, I guess they demanded their drug company to get busy and satisfy them.

While Flibanserin is getting heralded as the female Viagra the reality is the two drugs are different. Flibanserin works on the female brain chemistry which increases the desire for sex. Now Viagra is quite the different drug animal as its job is to increase the blood flow to the genitals to help increase a man's ability to get the erecter set in motion. (I loved Legos building blocks as a kid, didn't you?)

What's so funny about Flibanserin is that originally it was created to treat depression. Get this, they found out the side effect of this particular drug was that it increased a women's libido. Talk about rocket out of your depression in record time! The German drug company figured out they had a winner on their hands and decided to market it for sudden unexplained loss of sexual desire in women. It also helps they figured out the American market could be worth $2 billion to them too.

What accounts for that sudden loss of libido in young women for no reason? Generally, it's the result of hormonal changes. Examples would be from the onset of menopause, breast-feeding, stress, anxiety and the result of medications used for high blood pressure or depression.

With the way American women are so overworked from official work at the office, running a household and taking care of children, it's no wonder they need a wonder drug. Get an early date with your doctor as the supply may run out if you aren't first in line. Seriously, what will the drug companies think of next?

If we really wanted to boost a woman's libido, then take the pressure off her. Pay her what she is worth at work at the same level as men. Give her time to get enough sleep so she is rested for once in her life. Sleep does wonders for the libido and desire for sex. Sleep deprivation forces us to prioritize so we will choose restoring sleep first and foremost. With enough rest the body corrects everything that is out of balance. Get enough sleep, avoid paying for a wonder drug - your wallet is happier, go direct to happy sex life.

*** For more details: 'Pink Viagra?' Drug Promises to Boost Female Sex Drive (ABC) Some Call Flibanserin, New Drug, 'Female Viagra'

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